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Children book as menu, how adorable!

My not-so-recent trip has brought me over to the western side of Australia to conduct a few cooking demonstrations. Work aside, it was the perfect excuse for me to go and check out what they have to offer on the other side of the world. Surprisingly, I am loving the food scene in Western Australia and I actually wasn’t disappointed at any single meal I’ve had there at all.

Perth is also not short of good cafes and thanks to the twitterverse recommendations, the three cafes we went to were charmingly good with their own characters. And Mrs S in Maylands is one of them.

Peter and I relied on public transport to get around Perth, and Maylands is about 15 minutes from city centre. But the best part, Mrs S cafe is pretty much right across from the station, you simply can’t miss it. We were here to catch up with our fellow Masterchef’s friend, Arena for breakfast.

We were actually the first one to arrive before 9am and the door was still shut. We just grabbed the opportunity to chitchat at the outdoor seating but things changed rather quickly. The cafe got crowded within minutes once the door was opened and it did take a while for the waiter to hand us the menu. There is no table service and customers do need to order their food at the counter and will be presented an alphabet letter as your order ‘alphabet’. Very cute idea.

The cafe is small but not pokey, a huge communal table in the center was already fully occupied by customers. Pastries and cakes are decked out on the counter for your viewing and guilty pleasure. The place is sweet, charming, feels like someone’s grandma’s kitchen.

A good cup of coffee to kick start the morning. The coffee arrived with perfect heart-shaped latte art. It was well made with subtle aroma, but it wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped for. It kept us well caffeinated and woken up my appetite ready for some food.

The menu is limited and simple, and I do find the food prices in Western Australia is also a little bit higher than Sydney. Why is that? For the healthy option of free range poached eggs on toasts with the extras of mushrooms and tomatoes will set you back at at least $20.00. They were good and ticked all the boxes of runny yolks, crusty sourdough, smoked tomato relish and nutty mushroom, but does it worth $20? Hmm, maybe not.

The gluten-free mushroom on polenta with goat curd and pesto was visually inviting. Grilled portobello mushrooms were covered by a forest of rockets, served on a bed of buttery smooth polenta.

Maple and bacon, I was sold. I couldn’t justify the BIG breakfast at $21.50 and went for the stepsister, a brekky stack of two thick slices of soft crumbly Granny June’s cornbread, stacked up high with strips of crispy bacon and two perfect poached eggs. Drizzle of maple syrup made the dish just a tad naughtier.

We simply couldn’t leave without sampling a few of the sweet treats from the counter. The coconut sponge with lemon curd was a winning combo, the sponge was light and buttery soft with a fibrous texture from the dessicated coconut, filled with the most vivid yellowish lemon curd I’ve ever seen, was deliciously tangy and sweet, served with a big dollop of thick clotted cream on the side.

The little petite one-mouthful-size choc macadamia brownie was decadently fudgey, topped with a spoonful of chocolate ganache that made me sigh in satisfaction.

Despite the price is on the high side and the long wait due to its popularity, I did enjoy my meal at Mrs S. The food was well prepared, sweet treats were made with TLC, they even have a blog to share a few recipes or two. I like to think Mrs S is like Julia Child, who always greet you with a smile and say, Bon Appetit!

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Mrs S
178 Whatley Cres
Maylands, WA 6051
Phone : 08 9271 6690

Opening hours:
Tue - Sun Breakfast & Lunch

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