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The Glowing Sún.

On MasterChef Australia, we were all competitors, but we were also friends. We definitely cherish the latter more and some of us still keeping in touch with each other quite regularly.

On TV, perhaps yes, some contestants were portrayed being more competitive or even more unfortunate, became the villain culprit. No one would believe me how tight knit group we were during our time in the MasterChef house. You have to understand we had very limited contact of the outside world and no one to rely on except for each other in the house. At the end of the day, we all have the same passion and thrive for the same goal, to live the dream and working with food in future, simple as that. Who knows we might need to help each other out in future?

Just over a week ago, The Pom and I made a special trip to Brisbane for a very special occasion, it was Sun Etheridge’s wedding day! Sun and I bonded well in the Masterchef house, and not to mention being locked down together in a hotel room in New York! 😀 Nah seriously, she is a witty girl that not many people get to see on TV. I was very much looking forward to see her again, especially on her big day!

It was nice to catch up with the MasterChef peeps again at the wedding. The girls are dazzling, and the boys are more handsome than ever, especially Adam Bowen who was training for Triathlon and lost heaps of weight and looking fit. Good on ya big fella!

Then, here comes the bride as the Greek Goddess.

The ceremony at Brisbane Botanical Gardens was casual and beautiful. The couple looked happy and gorgeous together.

For the reception, the party took place at a local favourite haunt, Sassafras. A cafe cum catering service, we had our party outside at the back in the courtyard. I actually loved the casual reception where people could actually kicked off the heels, let the hair down and really enjoying themselves. The buffet style dinner was scrumptious and exactly what you need after a long day of boozing and smooching.

I actually also liked how there’s no elaborate three-tier white fondant wedding cake but raspberries tarts and a profiteroles tower! The highlight of the night was the speeches, Sun’s family was so funny! I now know where Sun has got her witty side from, and she still believes in the Ciabatta…

It was a beautiful wedding and both The Pom and I had a great time. I have to admit, “Lock down with Sun, actually can be a lot of fun!” Congratulations to Sun and Brentley, The Pom and I wish you both many years of happiness together and thank you for having us to share this special moment with you guys.