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30 days. 30 jellies.

Thank you all for the comments and support, without you guys I seriously don’t think I’ll be able to complete this Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ Challenge for the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Congratulations to all 9 other bloggers who took part and came up with inspiring creations and also thanks Royal Selangor for coming up such a fun yet daunting challenge! I also like to thank my partner, The Pom, who actually came up with the crazy idea ‘Will it jiggle?’ boombox test, it sure made the last 30 days less stressful and we had a lot of fun mass destructing the jellies! 😀 (cleaning up was another story, don’t try this at home!)

As promised, one of the lucky readers will take home an autographed Royal Selangor Nick Munro jelly mould and also a Olympus VG-110 camera. There are literally hundreds of comments I had to go through, but this person has been supporting me since from the beginning till the end and deserve to win the prize, so

congratulations to Michelle Chin!

Last but not least, I have put all videos together for one final video clip to wrap up this jellyrific challenge. I hope you all enjoyed the whole campaign as much as I did.

p/s: And I spelled “Jellies” wrong in the video! Sirry Birry!