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Day 26.

Who do you miss the most?

I still remember there was a recipe we had to write for a MasterChef’s challenge, a dish that we will cook for our love ones. But sadly I didn’t make it that far to really get the chance to cook that dish I’ve written down which was a dessert for The Pom. He has a sweet tooth and his all time favourite has to be Tiramisu, but I reinterpreted it and called it Dear-I-Miss-U, it was appropriate at that time when I was away from home for over six months.

Anyway, I decided to keep the name and make a tiramisu dessert for the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ Challenge, nothing too fancy but a straight forward tiramisu with a spun sugar crown.

It is a classic recipe consists of Savioardi biscuits, mascarpone cream, espresso coffee, chocolate and a hint of almond flavour Ameretto. The mould itself is quite small, so I had to cut the biscuits down to really fit them in. You probably can also trim the thickness down a little so you can fit more mascarpone in the middle.

As for the spun sugar, it is a nifty little sugar art for any cake decoration. Please take extra precautions when you play with hot sugar toffee as its temperature can reach up to 154 degree celcius. I simply used two chopsticks hanging off the kitchen bench, with baking paper on the floor to catch the drips. Then all you have to do is simply whisk the sugar between the chopsticks and it will form sugar web. Then just pick it up and roll into a ball or wrap around a cake.

Speaking of tiramisu, have you tried ‘Beeramisu‘?

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And make sure you come back each day for a new tit-illating video! Seriously, there are some really good ones that you simply can’t take your eyes off! 😀

DEAR I MISS U (Tiramisu)
4 Savioardi biscuits
2 tbsp instant espresso coffee granules
1 cup hot water
250g mascarpone
2 tbsp Amaretto
Shaved chocolate

Spun sugar
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp glucose

1. Grease and line the mould with baking paper.
2. Add hot water to coffee granules in a bowl, stir to dissolve, then add amaretto. Set aside.
3. Dunk the biscuit into the coffee and roll around to make sure it is well soaked but not soggy. Cut the biscuit diagonally to form a triangle shape.
4. Line the mould with the soaked biscuits.
5. Fill the centre with a spoonful of mascarpone, then shave some chocolate over the top. Repeat until the mould is filled.
6. Seal the mould with more biscuit, then weigh it down with heavy object and let it set in the fridge.
7. To make spun sugar, add all ingredients in a saucepan on medium-high heat, stir until sugar dissolved. Continue boiling, and now do not stir the mixture and let it boils up to 154C on a sugar thermometer. Remove from heat quickly and dip the bottom of the saucepan into water to stop further burning. Line the kitchen floor with baking paper/newspaper, and set two chopsticks on top of it on the kitchen bench. Use a fork, dip into the syrup and whisk around the chopsticks and let the sugar web drops to the floor. Do a few times until you have enough sugar floss, pick it up and roll it into a ball.

WIN Royal Selangor Nick Munro Jelly Mould autographed by Billy Law from Masterchef 2011 & a Olympus VG-110 Camera.

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