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Day 23.

It is the time of year, my eyes are watery and itchy, my nose is blocked, I sneeze non stop and my head is about to explode! It’s hay fever time! None of the antihistamine medication I took really work but rather makes me drowsy and groggy. If anyone out there knows a remedy to cure hay fever, please please do let me know! In the mean time, I will try to stay indoor and make jellies instead. My next one for the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ Challenge is my own take of the classic Malaysian drink in jelly form, Chendul.

If I have to toss between ice kachang and chendul, I’ll go for chendul to be honest. The dessert’s basic ingredients consist of the squiggly worm-like green jellies made from pandan and rice flour served in coconut milk, shaved ice and drizzle of palm sugar. Sometimes you’ll find a fancier concoction of adding red kidney beans, glutinous rice, and even banana slices. As for my chendul jelly, I decided to add sago to break down the coconut cream jelly to give it a bit more mouthfeel. I also made the pandan jelly cubes a little bit firmer so that we can taste the different textures in the combination.

To serve, drizzle bit more coconut cream and spoonfuls of palm sugar syrup, I’ll be in heaven! But let’s check out whether the Chendul jelly will perform well on the “Will it Jiggle?” test.

And don’t forget to comment about this dessert to enter the competition to WIN an autographed Royal Selangor Nick Munro jelly mould and an Olympus camera!

And make sure you come back each day for a new tit-illating video! Seriously, there are some really good ones that you simply can’t take your eyes off! 😀

1/2cup sago
100ml coconut cream
2tbsp sugar
1 gelatin sheet

50ml coconut cream
1 drop of pandan essence
1/2 gelatin sheet
1tbsp sugar

1. Make the chendul first, soak gelatin sheet in cold water. Heat up coconut cream without boiling, add sugar stir to dissolve. Add pandan essence and gelatin sheet, stir to dissolve. Pour into a ramekin then transfer to fridge to let it set. Once set, take it out and cut it into cubes.
2. Bring a pot of water to boil, rain the sago into boiling water, stir and make sure they dont stick together. Cook the sago until transparent with a tiny white dot in centre, drain and rinse in cold water.
3. Soak gelatin sheet in cold water. Heat up the coconut cream with sugar until dissolved, add gelatin sheet and stir to dissolve.
4. Add sago into the coconut mixture, let cool. Then add the pandan cubes into the mixture.
5. Pour the mixture into the jelly mould, transfer to fridge to let it set.
6. Serve with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.

WIN Royal Selangor Nick Munro Jelly Mould autographed by Billy Law from Masterchef 2011 & a Olympus VG-110 Camera.

If you like my jelly idea/concept for the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ challenge in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please do support and leave a comment. Any feedback, idea or even share your story is very much appreciated! Each time you leave a comment will automatically enter into the competition to win these fabulous prizes! You can also use the buttons below and share it with the social world! Thank you!

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