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Day 21.

T.G.I.F everyone!

Are you looking forward to the weekend? I am! But I just wish this coughy bug will go away so I can really enjoy myself and relax a bit before a busy schedule again next week. But next week will be an exciting one, a photoshoot, a product launch, and flying out to Brisbane for Suns’ wedding! I can’t wait to catch up with some fellow MasterChef buddies again, is going to be a hoot! I will make sure to take some photos and post it on the blog once I get back.

All in all, a happy mood today for the Royal Selangor 30-day β€˜Get your jelly on’ Challenge. I give you a favourite Malaysia kuih dessert of mine, Kuih Lapis, but in jelly form. Hence the Jelly Lapis it is.

The jelly lapis is easy to make, but just need patience as you need to set the jelly layer by layer. Imagine each layer takes about 10 minutes to set, which means it took me about 2 hours to complete this jelly. For the jelly lapis, it is a blend of coconut cream and strawberry shake jelly. Until today, I still don’t know why they set the top layer in orange colour and the rest is a rotation of pink and white in the traditional kuih lapis, but my orange layer now looks more like a nipple because of the cone shape! πŸ˜€ How appropriate.

Well is Friday, there is no better song choice than Katy Perry I say, so let’s jiggle and sing along!

And don’t forget to comment about this dessert to enter the competition to WIN an autographed Royal Selangor Nick Munro jelly mould and an Olympus camera!

And make sure you come back each day for a new tit-illating video! Seriously, there are some really good ones that you simply can’t take your eyes off! πŸ˜€

2tbsp aeroplane strawberry shake jelly powder
120ml hot water
120ml coconut cream
1 titanium grade gelatin sheet
2tbsp sugar
2 drops yellow food colouring, 1 drop red food colouring

1. Add hot water to strawberry shake jelly powder, stir to dissolve. Set aside
2. Soak gelatin sheet in cold water. Heat up coconut cream and sugar until dissolved without boiling, add gelatin sheet stir to dissolve.
3. Pour 1cm of the coconut cream mixture into mould, add food colouring, stir to mix. Transfer to fridge to let it set.
4. Once ready, pour 5mm of white coconut cream into the mould, let it set. Then pour 5mm of strawberry milkshake into the mould, let it set.
5. Repeat step 4 until the mould is filled.

WIN Royal Selangor Nick Munro Jelly Mould autographed by Billy Law from Masterchef 2011 & a Olympus VG-110 Camera.

If you like my jelly idea/concept for the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ challenge in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please do support and leave a comment. Any feedback, idea or even share your story is very much appreciated! Each time you leave a comment will automatically enter into the competition to win these fabulous prizes! You can also use the buttons below and share it with the social world! Thank you!

Entries close 30th October, winner will be announced on 31st Oct.