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Day 17.

Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Good to be back in Sydney! Peter and I have just finished a 4-day cooking show in Perth at Coles supermarket and we had an absolute ball! At times it felt like we were still on Masterchef, fighting over prepping benches and stealing each other ingredients, but most the time we worked like a well-oiled machine. I hope the spectators had just as much fun as we did. Some even stayed on for 3 hours to watch us cook! So thank you for those who came to support us.

Oh, I will also put some of the recipes I cooked at the show on my blog when I get a chance. But for now, I will just tease you with my version of Rocky Road for the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ Challenge. And since I am using the Nick Munro jelly mould for this rocky road, that’s why I shall call it the Rocky Mountain.

And if you want the original recipe for the Rocky Road I made on MasterChef, please refer to this post with the correct ingredient measurements instead. But for the Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have to have some pink on my rocky road and decorated it with strawberry Pocky sticks!

And make sure you come back each day for a new tit-illating video! Seriously, there are some really good ones that you simply can’t take your eyes off! 😀

100g dark chocolate
50g butter
A handful of marshmallows
1/2 cup of rice bubbles
10 raspberries
50g dark chocolate
1 box of strawberry flavour POCKY, chopped into small pieces

1. Grease and line the mould with baking paper.
2. Add butter and chocolate to a mixing bowl, microwave for 15 sec. Stir gently until all chocolate has melted.
3. Add the remaining ingredients in an another mixing bowl, pour the chocolate all over and mix it well. Make sure all ingredients are nicely coated.
4. Fill the mould with the mixture. Transfer to fridge and let it set.
5. Melt the remaining 50g chocolate in microwave for 10 sec, stir to melt thoroughly. Drizzle over the rocky road, then quickly sprinkle/roll it with the pink Pocky.

WIN Royal Selangor Nick Munro Jelly Mould autographed by Billy Law from Masterchef 2011 & a Olympus VG-110 Camera.

If you like my jelly idea/concept for the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ challenge in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please do support and leave a comment. Any feedback, idea or even share your story is very much appreciated! Each time you leave a comment will automatically enter into the competition to win these fabulous prizes! You can also use the buttons below and share it with the social world! Thank you!

Entries close 30th October, winner will be announced on 31st Oct.