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Day 14.

Hello Perth!

I am actually currently in Perth, cooking at COLES in Park Centre until Sunday. It has been a hit yesterday, Peter and I cooked up a storm, a total of 10 dishes to feed everyone who came to see us! Not to mention the Coca-cola chicken, you have to come to taste to it to believe it! We even had a round of competition to see who served the best Eton Mess at the end, everyone seemed to love it. So make sure you don’t miss out and come to see us! Here’s the details:

Friday: 3 – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm
Sunday: 11am – 2pm

While I am on the road, it is always difficult to update my blog. Not to mention I have to keep up with the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ Challenge, I am actually typing this post right now in the hotel room with my iPad during down time. No sleep for the wicked! But chocolate soothes everything, hence I give you my CHOCOLATE MOUNTAIN!

The chocolate mountain is quite a mouthful, it is actually a frozen chocolate cheese mousse inside and then covered with freeze dried raspberry shards. At the MasterChef Live, I demonstrated how to make no-baked cheese mousse by using a siphon gun, if you don’t have a siphon gun, you are more than welcome to make the cheese mousse just like the normal by whisking cream and fold it in. I prefer using my siphon gun as the texture is a lot more lighter. Once frozen, it is pretty much like ice cream, but it will start will soften within minutes.

As for the chocolate shards, it is pretty much tempering the chocolate and then sprinkle with some freeze dried raspberry all over. You can find freeze dried raspberry in pastry shop, but they do come with a cost. But you don’t really need a lot of the freeze dried raspberry as it is actually quite intense in flavour. Sticking the shards to the mousse can be bit challenging, but I’m sure I’ll do a better job if I didn’t have to put it on a “Will It Jiggle?” test.

Well I still ate it anyway after the test. Too good to be wasted.

And make sure you come back each day for a new tit-illating video! Seriously, there are some really good ones that you simply can’t take your eyes off! 😀

Chocolate cheese mousse
100g chocolate
1/2cup milk
250g cream cheese
1/2cup sugar

Chocolate raspberry shards
100g dark chocolate
A tbsp of freeze dried raspberries

1. Add milk and sugar into a saucepan and heat up on medium heat to boiling point, remove from heat and pour into the chocolate. Stir gently until all chocolate has melted.
2. Whisk cream cheese until soften, pour the chocolate mixture into the cream cheese and mix well.
3. Pour the mixture into a siphon gun, then charge with 2 bullets. Shake well and chill.
4. Lined the mould with baking paper, pipe the cheese mousse into the mould until fill up to the top. Quickly transfer to the freezer and let it set for at least 2 hours.
5. For the chocolate shards, melt 60g of the dark chocolate in a microwave, for 20 secs. Stir to make sure all chocolate has melted. Then add the remaining chocolate into the melted chocolate and stir to melt them all also to drop the temperature down.
6. Spread the chocolate on a sheet of baking paper, then spread it to a thin layer with a spatula. Quickly sprinkle with freeze dried raspberry over the top before the chocolate set.
7. Use a knife and cut the chocolate into triangle shapes and leave it to completely set.
8. Once the cheese mousse is set, take it out of the mould and peel off the baking paper, then gently stick the chocolate shards all over it.

WIN Royal Selangor Nick Munro Jelly Mould autographed by Billy Law from Masterchef 2011 & a Olympus VG-110 Camera.

If you like my jelly idea/concept for the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Get your jelly on’ challenge in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please do support and leave a comment. Any feedback, idea or even share your story is very much appreciated! Each time you leave a comment will automatically enter into the competition to win these fabulous prizes! You can also use the buttons below and share it with the social world! Thank you!

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