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Who’s in da ‘House’?

The peeps from MasterChef yo! We’d been living out of a suitcase during our time on Masterchef, whilst we were not in the MasterChef house, hotels were our second home, and House, on Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills had become our regular dinner joint. But before we get into the dinner, you may want to know what we’ve been up to since the show has finished?

I haven’t really been in touch with everyone but so far I know most of us are definitely heading the direction of pursuing a career in food. Andrew is planning and opening up a restaurant in Port Lincoln soon. Shannon will be running cooking classes at golden door health retreat in Queensland, working in the kitchen and launching their new kitchen garden program. Very exciting! Craig has been busy doing catering, dinner parties with his ‘music’ menu. He is also planning on writing a cookbook with recipes inspired by classical music. Sun well, she is busy getting married in October! I’m going to be there! Peter now has a regular segment with Paul Bevan on ABC1233 Drive, every Thursday after 3. Congrats! Tom‘s home delivery service, Mr Perkins & Co. is doing well, and he also recently got hitched too! Congratulations! Kumar is jetsetting and leading a tour to Sri Lanka and also writing his illustration cookbook! Danielle has been busy doing work experience at various restaurants in Sydney. Jay is working with Coles and also Cooking for Blokes and Hayden…… well Hayden just being popular! So, it is all happening!

As for myself, I’ll be busy with cooking demos, dinner events for the next few months, and I’ll also be working part time with pastry chef Vincent Gadan at Patisse soon! Plus, a few other exciting projects in the pipeline that I can’t reveal just yet, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 🙂 I will update the press/events page on the blog with my upcoming appearances regularly, so please do come by and say hi!

Anyway, the food is getting cold, let’s eat!

Tell you what, these MasterChef peeps sure love to eat! I think we might have went a little overboard by ordering way too much food during our last meal together at House. The staffs at the restaurant were even kindly enough to send two complimentary entrees to our table in return of having our photos taken, we definitely not complaining.

The nua daed deaw is a perfect beer snack, the sun dried beef strips were marinated then deep fried, nice and chewy with an intense caramelised flavour, served with jim-jaew chilli dipping sauce that was spicy and tangy.

The steamed curry chicken wrapped in banana leaf was one of my favourites. The little parcel packed quite a punch in flavours, banana flowers added texture alongside with tender chicken pieces.

The char grilled chicken here at House is one must-order dish. The chicken was juicy and sweet from long hours of marination, char grilled to an intoxicating smokiness with the caramelised bits on the skin just makes you want to gnaw the chicken down to the bone. Chilli and jim-jaew sauces on the side to really get the chicken fire up!

Som Tum salad is a must order every Thai restaurant I go. But tonight we wanted to try something different and went with tum mua pla krob, same same but different, it is a green papaya salad but with crispy anchovies, dried shrimp, and thai eggplant which I don’t think you’ll get in a normal som tum. Make sure you let them know how hot you want the salad to be, I prefer it hot but my dining companions not so much and went with the medium hot option. I actually preferred this version over the normal Som Tum, the extra crispy anchovies gave the papaya salad a nice extra crunch.

We simply couldn’t get enough of the char grilled meat and also ordered kor moo yang, slices of pork neck was surprisingly tender, I could simply wolf down the whole plate on my own with a bowl of sticky rice.

I’ve had some good sai krok sausage at I-San City which is now sadly missed, the pork sausage here at House was a lot different in comparison. The fat sausages here were rich with an overwhelming pork fat aftertaste lingering in the mouth. Raw vegetables on the side provided much needed cleansing after one bite of the sausage.

The deep fried whole snapper was delightfully crunchy. In fact, it was so good that we ordered two! The snapper was fresh, the meat is white and not too dry which is inevitable when comes to deep frying a fish. Most went for the flesh on the body, whilst I happily snapped the whole tail off and ate the whole thing, so crispy.

Aorm Gai was the perfect dish for the winter evening. A copper bowl of chicken curry soup is heavily infused with dill, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf, with a burner underneath to keep it nice and hot for the duration of our meal. It is very comforting and not too hot.

The food at House is well known to be notoriously hot, so if you still want to be able to taste the desserts after meal, make sure you ask for mild across all the dishes. The BTS (Better Than Sex) was a good choice for dessert to mend the burning tongues. A giant scoop of pandan ice cream topped a thick slice of toasted brioche, christened with a heavy splash of thick palm sugar syrup. It was an epiphany for some of the MasterChef peeps who had it for the first time.

Great company, good food, lasting memories.

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House (Thai northeast street food)
202 Elizabeth St
Surry Hills, 2010
P 02 9280 0364
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Daily 12 noon–2am

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