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Dear ATFT readers,

If you have seen the promo ad or the 3 minute long sneak peek of Masterchef Australia 2011, then you may have noticed a familiar face. Yes, he is our own Billy Law from A Table For Two!

On behalf of Billy, I would like to inform you all that he will be absent from this blog temporarily and will not be able to discuss or mention his involvement in Masterchef Australia until the final episode airs on TV. In the mean time, on behalf of Billy, I’d like to thank you all for visiting and add that you’re more than welcome to leave comments below to show him your support or by using the hashtag #teambilly and follow him @atablefortwo on Twitter. Thank you!

UPDATE: Interested in a #TEAMBILLY T-Shirt? Please click here.


Yours sincerely,
The Pom