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Egg porn.

Is that the wind blow or I just heard your orgasmic gasp? I don’t blame you because I had the exact same reaction when I pierced the fragile poached egg ever so slightly it burst and my croque madame was suddenly draped with golden yolk that is so sexy, I couldn’t help but dipping my finger into the deep orange lava then licked it off for instant sex-in-the-mouth gratification. Table manners totally gone out the window, but it was worth it.

And THAT, was only a part of an amazing brunch at The Larder in Wellington, New Zealand.

Let’s trace back to the beginning of August last year (Hello, backlog!), me and a couple of handsome boys and gorgeous girl were invited to partake the Wellington On A Plate festival in New Zealand, organised by another bunch of handsome boys and gorgeous girls from the Positive Wellington Tourism. They were exceptionally well organised and our itineraries were literally jam packed full of cafes, bars and restaurants ready for us to check out.

Whilst Helen and John stay in the city to check out the PLUM, me and Peter G venture further south to the peninsular to check out The Larder restaurant in the Batmobile! Well…. a WOAP-mobile.. in black..

Situated in the middle of a residential area in Miramar suburb, The Larder looks nothing more than a big grey federation house from the outside until we spotted a couple are sitting outside sipping coffees while the front door keeps opening with patrons coming in and out.

Head chef Jacob Brown, formerly at Tabou in Sydney, gives us a quick wave from the kitchen as we walk in, he has been expecting our arrival and a table next to the window is also already reserved for us. This place is absolutely buzzing, all tables are filled with lunch goers plus many more waiting at the front ready to be seated. We make no haste and start ordering our food as we are also getting hungry.

Mr B orders portobello mushrooms on toast from the brunch menu, and a side of Harrington’s sausages to share. The juicy portobellos are served on a thick slice of warm toast, drizzled with tangy balsamic vinegar then topped with a generous amount of shaved parmesan cheese. The petite Harrington’s gourmet sausages are utterly delicious, the rendered pork fat helps to keep the filling inside moist and tender, served with sweet and sour pear chutney to counterbalance the fatty sausages.

Peter G opt for the salt and pepper squid and declares it is one of the most tender squid he has ever tasted. The flavour combination in the dish is exciting, golden tiles of salty squid are paired with chorizo to give it a subtle spicy kick, shave fennel adds an acidic sweetness that is just perfect to cut through the richness.

My humble croque madame may look simple, but it is an edible wolf in sheepskin, but in a nice way. Inside the toast is packed with bold flavour of smoked ham and melting mozarella cheese, then topped with the most delicious soft boiled egg that lubricates the throat like valvoline oil. Need I say more?

We also order a couple of side dishes to share. The hand cut chips are cooked to perfection, fluffy and waxy on the inside, with a crispy golden shield on the outside, served with a smooth and tangy aioli dressing on the side.

But my favourite dish of the day has to be the pork belly and boudin noir with roasted potatoes. It is an absolute beautiful dish that is so rustic and deliciously comforting. I adore black pudding (or blood pudding), the blood-clotted sausage is extremely rich and well seasoned with herbs and spices, works perfectly with the sweetness of the tender pork belly. If you have never tried black pudding before, then I highly recommend to give this dish a try and I am confident you will be converted in no time.

Our lunch at The Larder has to be one of the highlights of our time in Wellington, NZ. It is a MUST visit.

Now, who has the coolest moustache in Wellington?

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The Larder
Corner Darlington Rd and Camperdown Rd,
Miramar, Wellington,
New Zealand
Tel: 04 891 0354

Opening Hours:
Tue - Sun: Cafe style food and coffee
Tue - Sun - Lunch menu and Breakfast Sat/Sun
Thur, Fri, Sat - evening restaurant dining