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Healthy eaters look away now.

These not-so-cholesterol-friendly golden crispy tiles are definitely not for the health-conscious, they are dangerously addictive and I find myself couldn’t stop eating them! Who’d have thought a simple plate of deep-fried crispy chicken skins can be so satisfying? At times like this, it’s best to put your guilty conscience aside and just enjoy it with gusto.

…and yes, animal skins are our best friends at Mizuya this particular evening.

I do love loitering at Mizuya when we can’t make decision where to go for dinner, especially on a busy Friday night. With over 200 items on their Japanese izakaya menu solves all the indecisive dilemmas, not to mention an easy to use novelty touch-screen ordering system at each table makes the dining experience a hell lot more fun. The convenience of the ordering system only fingertips away can be rather dangerous, our initial plan of a bite-size dinner has eventually turns out to be a proper full-belly meal.

Let’s start with my Gemini (not my star sign), the mother of all pink mocktails, it is a luscious ice blend of cranberry, apple, coconut, passionfruit and lime juice, a perfect refreshing drink to counterbalance all the fatty food to come. Besides, a brave man is never afraid of wearing pink shirt, neither a pink drink.

If you are in a hurry, then Mizuya is the place to go. Food arrives at our table literally within minutes once we punch the orders in on the touch screen menu. We share a plate of spider rolls, a line of uramaki are filled crispy soft shell crab legs, crab meat and cucumber; sprinkled with sichimi over the top and a zig-zag trail of spicy dressing adds a subtle heat punch.

As much as we enjoy the clean flavour of the sushi rolls, but our weakening hearts belong to an array of deep fried goodness arrives one after another. These golden chicken karaage are pure evil but utterly satisfying at the same time, tender yet tad dry on the inside, but the crunchy exterior never fail to please.

Apart from the deadly crispy chicken skins, a plate of crispy salmon skins also find its way to our table. The tiny curls of omega 3 are like fishy Twisties, they are delightfully crunchy with a briny flavour.

Three golden cheese potato mochi are not as exciting as we’d hoped for. The puck size potato mochi cake is more like a thick potato scallop with very little mochi cheesy chewiness on the inside, topped with a small slab of butter which is slowly melting away and christens the crispy exterior to add richness.

Enough snacking, we decide to order a few staples to conclude our dinner. The wagyu beef and garlic fried rice is a welcoming filler. Plump sushi rice is wok tossed with green beans, garlic, egg floss and tiny cubes of wagyu beef.

But the highlight of our meal tonight is definitely the eggplant with sweet miso. Extra precautions needed, the boiled eggplant is still tongue-burning hot on the inside whereas the grilled sweet miso layer on top is so salty but just so perfect to go with the sweetness of the eggplant. Helen and I also have a fair share of the eggplant skin, nothing is going to waste.

Our finish dish is from the ‘Halloween Specials menu’, the simmered beef cheek is lip-smacking good. It is incredibly tender and happily soaking up the rich gravy it braised in. The handsome protein is paired with some blanched green beans and roasted potatoes, and a handful of crispy sweet potato floss over the top is adds texture.

Mizuya is definitely one of the better Japanese izakaya restaurants in Sydney CBD, with prime location and very decent food. Mizuya also has a few over-the-top private karaoke dining rooms for those who would like to practice their vocal chords while eating at the same time.

Endless Love, anyone?

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Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke
614 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P: (02) 9266 0866

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