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Time flies when you are busy masticating.

First and foremost, thank you all for supporting ATFT and still reading and commenting on my blog religiously, that’s the best motivation I could have asked for to keep this blog going. 2010 has definitely been an amazing “journey” for ATFT to say the least.

So much fond memories, so much food, from cheap eats to fine dining, from running a food photography workshop to giving out a KitchenAid to one of our lucky readers! But here is my 10 most unforgettable food memories in 2010:

10. Birthday dinner at Table for 20

The thrill of an underground birthday dinner with total strangers has to be one of the most memorable dining experience of this year. Even the skeptical Pom was warming up to the whole communal dining concept. I’d suggest you to rock up at Table for 20 with a bottle of red and pitch in, I guarantee you an endless night of good food and interesting conversations.

9. Snickers shake at Fidel’s – Wellington, NZ

It is a heart attack in glass (or tumbler)! We found this amazing drink at Fidel’s in Wellington, during our recent trip to New Zealand for Wellington On a Plate, My advice, share one among few friends or be ready for sugar high!

8. Malaysia Food Tour with food bloggers

Where can you find 1 meter roti tissue? In Malaysia of course! Helen, Minh, Simon, and I ran amok in West Malaysia and boy, we sure had lots of fun eating our way from Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, all the way up to Ipoh, Penang and Cameron Highlands. 6 meals a day? Easy-lah!

7. One night of Korean Fried Chicken mayhem

Visited three Korean restaurants in one night for just one thing – Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)! For the name of research purposes, we are still on the hunt for the best KFC in town. So far we have tried – Arisun, Darling City, Kobow, Jean’s and Two-Two’s. If you haven’t had KFC before, I urge you to go and grab some now! The KFC quest will continue in 2011!

6. Xmas in July at ATFT’s HQ

What’s more special than a group of close friends made an effort to drive up all the way to our place in Central Coast for a yuletide Xmas feast in July? Great friends, good food, plus daggy winter jumpers and a few “surprises” in the Secret Santa stash, definitely one of my favorite memories of the year.

5. Limestone Coast regional tour – South Australia

It is the southern end of Australia coastline that I’d never have imagined to visit but so glad I did. The area is full of wonderful local produce and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. I still can’t get over that amazing bigger than Ben-Hur spectacular lunch right in the middle of the Cape Jaffa’s Barrel Hall. I am forever grateful to be invited to Tasting Australia in South Australia and get to meet all the chefs. Come to think about it, it is still very surreal to have Ben O’Donohue telling us how him, Paul Rankin and Darren Simpson got into trouble at a strip nightclub the night before, Manu Feidel miming in front of us, and Poh holding onto Helen while taking her heels off after a long day partying in them. Can’t wait to go back in 2012!

4. Masterclass with Tetsuya Wakuda

A money can’t buy experience with Tetsuya Wakuda in his spanking new kitchen. He is still one of the most humble if not shy chef I’ve ever met. Standing literally inches away from him, cringey to say but I could see every single wrinkle on his face just make things so real, it really reflects all his effort, achievements and successes in the culinary world. If I was a chef one day, Tetsuya is definitely one of the chefs I look up to.

3. All-you-can-eat ribs at Cafe Ish

That’s not ribs, THIS is the ribs, plus is all-you-can-eat! You simply can’t go wrong with a bottomless supply of lips-smacking-delicious Japanese fusion BBQ pork and beef ribs at Cafe Ish in Surry Hills for just $35! Don’t you just want to go right now and sink your teeth into those juicy meat? But sorry guys, the a-y-c-e ribs are only available during Winter months, you just have to wait a little longer, but definitely make sure you put in your new 2011 diary!

2. Movida Aqui – Melbourne

Between Helen and I, I think we did a pretty good job at polishing up most of the dishes on the menu (well I said ‘most’, we are not pigs… 😉 ) at Movida Aqui. I think my next mission will have to try Movida, and Movida Next Door.

1. Food Bloggers’ Dinner at Bistro CBD

Cooking for 70 people in a professional kitchen? Don’t be silly! The grueling 18 hours of preparation, cooking to serving at Merivale kitchen was definitely one of the experience I would never forget and most importantly, I’ve learned so much from it and had the first taste of being a professional chef and who would have thought I loved every single moment of the whole experience? I definitely will bring this experience into the new year and embrace my culinary journey ahead of me.

I hope you all had a delicious 2010 and wish you all having an even more spectacular feast in the new year.

HAPPY 2011, Be Safe, Eat Well and Eat some more!