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The permutations of these three big words laminated on the glass window outside Luxe Bakery is an endless of possibilities no one would say no to. Unless you know where you are going, the bakery itself is not easily spotted. Follow the ‘heart’, and Luxe is situated in a brick cottage right next to Campos cafe in Newtown. Opened in late 2008, it has been one of the most thriving cafes among all the sister chains in Bondi Junction, Picton and Bowral.

As I walk in, the bakery is a lot bigger than I’d imagined. This 5-bedroom house is now one huge space basking in natural light, high ceilings with old wooden beams, blue chairs and black tables spread out the whole floor, glass display at the counter is filled with delectable pastries, sandwiches and artisan breads. Led by head baker and owner Simon Cancio, who is formerly trained at Bourke Street Bakery and Brasserie Bread, all the baked goods here at Luxe are proudly made on-site.

The place is busy but not full, we join the others and take a seat at one of the large communal tables in the middle. I also quite like how they have injected an organic feel to the space, sacks of flours are piled at one corner, jars of colourful fruit and vegetable preserves lined up on top of the counter, there is even a fresh pumpkin on the communal table where we sit.

As we are only here for a quick catch up, we decide to grab a coffee and few pastries from the counter to share instead of going for the hot breakfast as we expected it will take longer to cook. The coffee here at Luxe is something I love and familiar with, a special blend roasted by Single Origin roasters specifically for Luxe. My cup of flat white is smooth, strong and robust with vanilla and nutty flavour.

First we share a classic pain au chocolat as my friend believes that one bakery can be judged by how good their pain au chocolat is. She is an award-winning pastry chef after all, who to argue. “It is not French pastry if it doesn’t make a mess,” She adds. I try to cut the pastry in half and she was right, our table is instantly covered in puff pastry crumbs everywhere.

More crumbs falling like snow as I bite into the pillow of puffy pastry, it is buttery soft with a teeny weeny bit of chocolate inside which is such a cruel tease, just enough to make you craving for more.

I’ve been told that I can’t come to Luxe without trying their famous paninis. Consider it as our breakfast, we also share a wagyu panini to balance out all the sweet pastries we have ordered. Our panini arrives in a long plate, diagonally sliced in half and perfectly toasted with crispy edges on the light rye while inside is a distinctively stacked with smoked wagyu beef, pickles, swiss cheese, lettuce and horseradish mayo. There is also a few mixed olives on the side.

The marbled fat on wagyu just reaches melting point from toasting, velvety tender with an intense smokey flavour, sour pickled gherkins is sharp and cut through the fat easily. The panini is seriously, utterly delicious well worth every penny spent.

The custard tart is another must try at the Luxe. Apparently it reminds alot of people who grew up with these old-fashioned custard tart with nutmeg sprinkled on top, just like how their grandmothers used to make.

Baked in a dark crusty base, inside is a classic wobbly jelly-like custard that doesn’t taste cheap, it is silky smooth with a beautiful vanilla flavour that is not overly sweet, lightly spiced with nutmeg on top for that extra decadent nutty flavour.

The place is buzzing and non stop. As we are about to leave around midday, the cafe just filled up with another flow of lunch breakers. The freshly baked breads on the shelf is too tempting not to take one home and go for the fig and raisin loaf ($11.50), the rest will have to wait till I visit again real soon.

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Luxe Bakery
195 Missenden Road
Newtown 2042
P: 4677 3739

Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm
Sat 8am - 5pm

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