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Check out the video footage from Tomilav’s Gadgets cooking demonstration.

Tomislav, the restaurant opened just a little over seven months ago, it has already made its mark in the Sydney food scene with its innovative, playful yet nostalgic cuisines by chef and owner, Tomislav Martinovic who has worked with the famous English culinary alchemist, Heston Blumenthal when he moved to UK back in 2002.

Last Saturday was my first time stepping inside his little cozy restaurant adjacent to the Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross not for a meal, but to check out Tomislav’s Gadgets – a cooking demonstration by Tomislav where he will give us some insights on how he uses a few of his favourite gadgets in the kitchen to create some of the dishes on the menu.

Tomislav told us that three of his current favourite gadgets in the kitchen are the Siphon Cannister, Paco Jet, and Water Bath (sous vide) in his kitchen. Firstly he demonstrated how to make one of his most popular crowd pleaser on the starter menu – rice crackers with sour cream and chives.

It looks simple, but Tomislav told us that he had this idea in his mind for over 7 months and took 5 weeks to perfect it. Not trying to go gastronomy molecular and liquid nitrogen is still not one of his favourite gadget (yet), his subjective is to introduce familiar flavour but in new texture. Indeed, the sour cream pumped out of a siphon filter is airy and light enough that you’ll be able to scoop it up with the paper thin rice crackers without shattering into million pieces.

Tomislav also likes to inject some playful elements into his food, the salt and vinegar spritzer for instance, Heston would have been proud.

Next course is poached yellow fin tuna with parsley and soy dressing, a dish that still needs tweaking but will be on the upcoming menu. While the tuna was being poached in the water bath at 52C for 6mins, Tomislav showed us how to turn parsley leaves into powder form. He blanched about 4 bunches of parsley in hot water then a quick ice bath. The wilted parsley was squeezed dry then blend with heavy cream in a thermomix until pesto-like paste then put in the freezer to let it set into a solid block of ice. Then, it was time for the Paco Jet to perform its magic and turn the big block of ice into powder within 2 minutes right in front of our eyes. The end result is a striking green chalk dust that still has a strong flavour of parsley which simply melts into nothingness and the tongue is slowly lubricated with heavy cream.

Poached yellow fin tuna with parsley and soy dressing. The dressing is a mix of sugar, Chardonnay vinegar and a touch of soy sauce.

Tomislav loves his ice cream and always churning for that perfect scoop. “Not sure you’ve had a soft serve from Macdonald’s recently, the flavour is aweful but the texture and temperature, is perfect, without a doubt.” Tomislav has successfully replicated ice cream with the texture almost similar to soft serve using Paco Jet, and it is 40% less fat and sugar without additives. He gave us a try of the chocolate sorbet by only using 400 gram dark chocolate, 1 tablespoon of glucose and 150ml water, the end result is a velvety smooth chocolate ice cream that tasted like thick chilled chocolate mousse.

The poached rhubarb and vanilla cheesecake is nothing like what you think a cheesecake should be. The flavour of a vanilla cheesecake is definitely there but in an airy dome of cheesecake mousse using the siphon filter, with jelly-like cheesecake cubes hidden inside for texture. Another trick we learned to retain the vibrant colour of rhubarb is to poach it in a sealed bag with fructose. The fructose gives the rhubarb a candy-like aftertaste but the texture and flavour is pretty much of a fresh rhubarb.

Tomislav’s current favourite ice cream is creme anglaise and he happily plated up a dish at the last minute for us to try. He explained that the creme anglaise is heavier than soft serve at Macdonald’s because of the cream he used to achieve the texture but the flavour is still light and not too sweet, which helps to bring out the flavours of the other components.

Before the demonstration ended, Tomislav has also revealed some exciting courses in the new Spring menu, including the Australian iconic Gaytime dessert which is very close to perfecto. On another exciting news, Tomislav will also start introducing a dessert degustation menu. “Something after dinner, people can come to try 4 or 5 desserts,” he said. Hmm… I like the sound of that, very very much so.

Are you excited?

[ATFT attended Tomislav’s Gadget cooking demonstration as a guest of Tomislav]

Tomislav Restaurant
2/13 Kirketon Road, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9356 4535

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 6pm-10pm

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