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What a lovely surprise to lift up my uneventful Friday afternoon. I have just received the new Foodies’ Guide To Sydney 2011 in the mail today and I am chuffed to be involved in this book.

This is the fifth edition of The Foodies’ Guide to Sydney and this year features a brand new team of writers, led by well respected Sydney food writer Simon Thomsen. The book also has a new face lift and first time ever it is printed in full colour. Don’t be confused with Good Food Guide, the Foodies’ Guide is about discovering the city’s best kept food secrets, it will show you where to find the best bakeries, cheese specialists, wine merchants, chocolate stores, gourmet deli, farmers markets, coffee roasters and lot more.

The Foodies’ Guide this year is a lot more organised, minimising the repetition so that all shops are only listed once in the categories what they’re best at. Like last year, there is also the “Out of Town” section which features some of the best hidden gems on the outskirts of Sydney including Blue Mountains & surrounds, southern highlands, Wollongong & surrounds, and a whole new Central Coast section which I looked after.

Central Coast is small but there are a few best kept food secrets that not many people know about except the locals. I’ve also noticed there is a significant movement in the food scene up here where locals are rewarded with more farmers market, gourmet deli and fresh fruit & vege shops. I was very lucky to be part of this book, had a great time driving around the coast, talking to the local producers, bakers, fish mongers, oyster farmers, wholesalers and learning about their produce and businesses.

The Foodies’ Guide to Sydney 2011 will be released on 1st October, my copy will be safely kept in the car inside the glove box for the “food emergency”. 🙂

Foodies' Guide 2011: Sydney
Author: 	Thomsen, Simon
Category: Food & Wine
ISBN: 9781740669092
Price: $29.95
Imprint: Hardie Grant SBS
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01 Oct 2010