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Yes. We. Are.

As promised, we have another featured food blogger this month along with a very cool ATFT Food Tee design, specially requested by one of the most prolific food bloggers in Sydney and she is Suze from Chocolatesuze! With Bachelor Applied Science Food & Nutrition as her background, but her wicked diet is far from what we’d consider the “normal”. She will consume three cheese on a stick at Royal Easter Show, stacking heart-clogging Luther burgers for party, make serving bowls out of chocolate or bacon, her witty cooking adventures are endless, and that’s what we like about Suze.

Suze has requested a very straight forward design for this month’s design, something we all food bloggers should wear it loud and proud. The <food blogger> design comes in a black t-shirt or a graphite (dark grey) hoodie for the freezing winter here we are experiencing here in Australia. For US readers, get it now because winter is just around the corner before you know it. And you will also be the coolest food blogger in town wearing this t-shirt (or hoodie!)

Please welcome Suze and here is our little interview…

1. Tell us more about yourself and when did you decide to become a food blogger?
Hi everyone I’m Susan from Chocolatesuze! My blog started out as a personal diary with all the usual rantings about life in general and then slowly morphed into writing about food after drooling over food blogs like The Girl Who Ate Everything and of course Grab Your Fork. I like taking photos of food that I’ve eaten or baked and found it easier to tell people to go check out my blog than showing then in a photo album. It’s a fun hobby and I definitely appreciate food much more!

2. Can you remember the very first blog post that you talked about food?
In my early posts I would talk about snack foods but usually not with descriptions. I know during uni I went through a yellow food phase where I only ate foods like potato, cheese, pineapple, bread and bananas.  I want to show people that there’s so much great food around and that we should be more open in trying new things. I love sharing my experiences whether it be a new restaurant or random candy that I find in the supermarket.

3. Do you eat out alot? Or prefer cooking at home? why?
I like eating out but I can’t afford it! I like the ‘dance’ of going to a restaurant- the waiters as they greet and seat you, the anticipation while waiting for the arrival of your food, the moment of appreciation when the dish arrives and finally the eating!

4. A dinner party host or a dinner party troll? Which one are you?
I love having people over for dinner but I always end up running around because I have poor time management haha

5. Did you regret eating 3 cheesesticks at the Royal Easters Show afterwards?
3 cheesesticks was pushing it a bit especially after the fairy floss, sweet corn, fries and toffee apples… but hey the Easter Show only happens once a year! I would love to try making it at home but I have an extreme phobia of deep frying!

6. You just had your birthday party which is also the biggest Sydney food bloggers meet up to date, what do you think of the Sydney food bloggers community in general?
Sydney food bloggers are awesome! If you had told me 3 years ago that I would meet people off the internet and become super close friends I would’ve said you’d be crazy! But to find people who are likeminded in their love for food is fantastic and the best part of the Sydney food blogger community is finding a group of people who have the same passion and are willing to share so much of themselves online where absolutely anyone can read and find.

7. If you have to choose, what will be your last meal?
Chicken liver pate with brioche, a giant ball of Burrata, a cheeseburger with extra cheese, cauliflower gratin, ricotta cheesecake for dessert and a peanut butter milkshake

8. What’s your thought on the relationships between PRs and Food bloggers? Is there space for improvement? If so, how?
PR and food bloggers have a bit of a hit and miss relationship but luckily they are slowly learning what they should (and shouldn’t) do. One of the biggest peeves are PR companies sending out mass emails to everyone pimping their product even when it’s not related to their blog- a blog might only do restaurant reviews and would not be interested in writing about cat food. It helps if emails to us start with hello and our name and if it were more personalized like mentioning a post you had just read. Also, asking for our stats without prior correspondence is just plain rude!

9. Tell us some of the most memorable moments from being a food blogger for over 8 years.
Food bloggers are slowly being more recognized in Australia and are starting to be considered as important media. Last year I was flown to Singapore to attend an awards night with accommodation and meals all paid for! Earlier this year I was also invited to attend the Tetsuya Masterclass which included a 10 course degustation menu and just last week I was invited to attend a dinner where the Iron Chefs cooked a 6 course menu.

10. What do you normally do when you are not cooking or eating?
I practice my listening face…  haha I watch a lot of teevee. Pretty much anything sci fi- I’m definitely not a girly-girl and hate romantic comedies! I love Guitar Hero and DDR dance games and of course I read a lot of blogs.

11. How do you poach an egg?
Actually I don’t like egg white so I don’t poach eggs! I much rather prefer scrambled eggs or fried eggs on toast.

12. Your weapon of choice: chopsticks, fork, or knife?
Knife! Ever since Crocodile Dundee’s  “That’s not a knife.. THIS is a knife” haha I prefer wooden handles over plastic handles when eating steaks but I prefer metal handles when slicing vegetables etc

13. Where do you see yourself and your food blog in five years time?
Definitely still blogging but I reckon my blog will start branching out and be a bit more lifestyle oriented. I would love to travel and see the world, eating as I go. My goal in the next 5 years is to travel to different parts of America and eat all the fried snacks I can get my hands on.

14. Any advice for anyone out there who would like to start a new food blog?
Go for it! It’s so rewarding sharing your experiences whether it be your baking, cooking or restaurant reviews! Be active in the blog community and leave comments on other people’s blogs but don’t spam their comments with links to your blog. Make sure there’s an ‘about me’ section on your blog for people who want to read up a little on who you are and most importantly have an email address or contact form available on your blog! Twitter is also a great micro blogging tool and can communicate short messages super quickly.

The “chocolatesuze” limited edition t-shirts are now available from the ATFT shop. Limited to 50 units only.

[I am always on the look out for new food bloggers around the world to partake in this project. If you would like to be the next featured food blogger, please visit the shop page and get involved! ]