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Chop! Chop!

If you haven’t already know, Fouad, Karen, Linda and I are going to fulfill our great Australian dream, and taking over the Bistro CBD‘s kitchen to cook our hearts out like Gladiators in kitchen, for glory! As part of the Merivale “A feast of the senses” winter program, the table has turned and four food bloggers (us!) will be cooking up a five-course dinner and putting our heads on the chopping board for the public to judge. Yes, be afraid. Be. Very. Afraid.

This is the first time for me to work in a professional kitchen. We are in the battle of the titans, whacking the taco and cooking for a whopping of 70 people! The biggest number I’ve done at home dinner parties probably around 15 people the most. So 70 people is really going to be a tough challenge, like being hit by a submarine. Hopefully no one has to chew on their chairs that night. Oh, I’ve also heard the event is already fully booked a week ago! So sorry folks for those who missing out, but I’d suggest you to ring up and put your name on waiting list anyway, you never know there maybe some cancellations at the last minute.

As for what has been happening for the last couple of weeks, let’s just say we’ve been busy. We’ve been throwing ideas at each other, coming up with dishes, cook testings, more brainstorming, more changes… then sometimes I cook, I weep just to think about it. But I am glad we have finalised our dishes and very happy with it. All we have to do now is to come up with some sad personal life stories, and practice to cry on cue. No but seriously, it will be a fun night and we are really looking forward to share our food with you.

And here we are, our “journey” has just begun…


Food Bloggers' Dinner - Merivale 'A feast for the senses' event
Wednesday 28th July, 6.30pm
5 courses including a glass of sparkling, $60pp
Bistro CBD, level 1, 52 King Street, Sydney

p/s: Thanks to George Calombaris for the inspirations of this post.