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Simon (the heart of food) and I just had our lunch at bangbang cafe, but find ourselves wandering around Sydney CBD looking for something sweet not long after. Since we already have eaten, so we are just looking for a spot where we can sit down and relax over a cup of coffee with some good desserts. I am not particularly fond of Lindt cafe, and The Rocks is bit far to walk to from Surry Hills, not to mention most of the cafes in the city will be already shut by 4.30pm.

My brain probably works better in desperate situations, I suddenly remember there is this place that I’ve always wanted to check out after hearing many good things about it from (another) Simon who works just around the corner. We quickly doubling the pace and walk twice as fast to Chifley Square, hoping that the cafe is still open.

I am so glad to see that the cafe is still open as there are still many white collars sitting at the tables having meetings over coffees. The Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria is located on the ground floor inside Chifley Square with a sophisticated wine bar room tucked away in the far left corner, and a more casual counter service coffee station with delicious cakes displayed in glass cabinets in the foyer. We go for the latter and choose a few cakes to share.

We spend quite some time to figure out what the cakes are as there is no names nor descriptions inside the glass displays. When I decide to ask the lady behind the counter about the cakes, she seems very busy serving coffees to customers but kindly ushers us to take a seat and tells us that another waitress will come over to take our order. We are hopeful that the waitress will be able to describe and let us know what cakes are on offer. Unfortunately, she also doesn’t seem to know what they are and it only leaves us to order the cakes by describing what they look like, with one particular dessert she describes it as “the jelly thingy”.

Simon and I both share three desserts. The one that definitely grabs our attention is the chocolate torte (or at least that’s what I think it is?) Pillars of chocolate filled cigars wrapped around which I know is in some form of chocolate but not sure whether is mousse, sponge cake or something else until I cut it open revealing a 2 inches tall of solid chocolate torte. I like the crunchy chocolate cigars matching with the soft chocolate torte inside, but oh boy I can feel my heart clogging on every spoonful, it is a bit too rich for my taste buds.

The next dessert is possibly my favourite is the lemon meringue tart. Tear drops of meringue are perfectly piped on top of a crusty tart shell filled with lemon curd. The jam-like lemon curd filling is incredibly good, not overly sweet with a nice tongue-tingling soury tang to it. Two pieces of toffee are so pretty on the tart however I found them unnecessary as the lemon curd tart itself is already taste heavenly as it is.

Last but not least, the dessert that had been described as “the jelly thingy” is actually apricot jelly at the bottom, vanilla custard in the middle layer with raspberries, and topped with whipped cream, halved varnished strawberry, and a vanilla macaron. I think there are way too many components in this dessert and all the different flavours simply don’t work together unfortunately. As the macaron is sitting on top of whipped cream, the bottom shell has already stuck to the cream and gone soggy. The glossy pink-varnished strawberry is rather unusual if not over the top.

We couldn’t finish the cakes after such a big lunch at BangBang, so I took the leftovers home as I am sure the sweet-tooth Pom will appreciate it. When he opens the box and not really concerns about all the desserts are already half eaten, but instead he asks,

“Has the strawberry been painted in pink?”

Yes, and I didn’t do it.

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Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria
3/2 Chifley SquareSydney NSW 2000
P: (02) 9223 9552

Opening Hours: 7am - 5pm weekdays

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