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If you haven’t already known, the long awaited 2010 San Pellegrino’s Top 50 is finally revealed. Australia isn’t doing too bad with Quay and Tetsuya’s are still in the Top 50, and Marque is also stepping up rank #67.

I was very fortunate to be invited to attend the Tetsuya Wakuda’s masterclass recently, and it was definitely a very memorable evening. We were not just able to get to taste his amazing food, but we also got to watch a cooking demonstration by Tetsuya himself. I managed to shoot some video footage during the demonstration and decided to share it with you guys.

What’s in the video is only a small part of the masterclass that runs for almost two hours. You seriously need to be there to experience it and who knows, you can be the one of the lucky twelve to be selected for the next Masterclass with Tetsuya Wakuda. All you need to do is click on the button below and enter the competition. The competition closes Tuesday, 4th May 2010. So hurry, you really do not want to miss this one of a lifetime opportunity.

P/S: On a side note, Helen (Grab Your Fork) and I have been invited by South Australia Tourism to attend the Tasting Australia in Adelaide for the whole week, so million apologies in advance as updates on ATFT will be scarce. So please make sure to follow my twitter @atablefortwo, for first hand updates on what’s happening at the event.

Let me know what you want to ask Poh, the runner up of Masterchef Australia season 1. Hopefully she is sitting next to us! LOL!