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Are you ready for Easter?

I am! In fact, I am actually very excited about it! Because ATFT has something new to share! After months of experiments and taste testing, I am very proud to finally share with you all, the new ATFT Chocolate range!

We all love food, and we all love technology. So why can’t we combine both and create something we all love? So, no more Easter eggs, no more bunnies; we want chocolate that is made for us! The ATFT chocolates are for those who are technology and social media savvy, whether you are blogging, tweeting, or digging; there is always a block of premium chocolate by your side.

ATFT chocolate comes with four different flavours – Feed Me (70% Dark chocolate), Stumble Me (Fat Free White Chocolate), Tweet Me (Milk Chocolate) and Digg Me (85% Dark Chocolate). All chocolate are made with pure cacao and 110% fat free full cream milk.

Feed Me (70% Dark Chocolate)

Be gone blog links, RSS feeds are the new “cool”, or at ATFT, it is the new Feed Me 70% Dark Chocolate! You want your RSS feeds send to your inbox everyday, why not indulge yourself with a little bit of dark chocolate while reading the feed too? Start today, feed your mind and soul with ATFT 70% dark chocolate, I guarantee you will asking for more!

  • 70% dark chocolate
  • perfect for those who reads blog daily using RSS feeds
  • 3½ oz (100 grams)
  • Today onlyBuy one gets ATFT RSS feeds FREE!

Tweet Me (Milk Chocolate)

Counting your followers? Stalking Ashton Kutcher? Or perhaps is another #FollowFriday? Nothing could be more satisfy than with one hand tweeting on your iPhone, while the other one just grabbing another piece of ATFT milk chocolate and absolutely guilt free.

  • Milk chocolate
  • perfect for those who tweets too much and no time for friends, ATFT milk chocolate will always be there for you.
  • 3½ oz (100 grams)
  • Today onlyBuy one gets 10 tweets FREE!

Stumble Me (Fat free white choc)

Watching your blog statistics fluctuate just like your body weight again? Awww… is not easy is it?! No worries, ATFT white chocolate is absolutely FAT FREE! It is made with 100% organic soy milk. No animal fat, no rennet, gluten free, biodynamic, no preservatives, no colorings, no one even cares what is written at the back! Just eat it!

  • fat free organic soy milk white chocolate
  • perfect for those who care about their blog statistics as much as their body weight
  • 3½ oz (100 grams)
  • Today onlyBuy one gets FREE stumble!

Digg Me (85% dark chocolate)

Can you handle it? This dark rich ATFT 85% dark chocolate are for the hardcore diggers. We digg-ed deep for the richest cacao we could find in the Silicon Valley for this rich ‘money can’t buy’ bitterness. We guarantee once you’ve tried it, you will “DIGG” it. It is that GOOD! And if you digg this post, that would be nice too!

  • 85% dark chocolate
  • perfect for those who think they can digg everything
  • 3½ oz (100 grams)
  • Today onlyBuy one gets one digg!

Hurry Up! They are selling fast and grab yours for this Easter before they are all gone!