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I love when friends keep reminding me that I passed my used-by-date in a subtle way, like inviting you to a 21st birthday for instance (Bloody Gen-Y!) God knows how long ago that I attended a 21st birthday and definitely wouldn’t want to be reminded my fashion sense back then. Be gone the 90s’!

Jacq the Penguin, is not the youngest among all the sydney food bloggers, neither is this kid man. But can you believe that the youngest Sydney food blogger is 8 years old?! Kids these days… But anyhow, it is Jacq’s 21st birthday and she has decided to celebrate this special occasion with a big haul of food bloggers at the Waterfront Grill at Darling Harbour.

*ahem…* It was actually my idea to go there as I’ve recently received a note on my blog saying that they do all-you-can-eat ribs on Tuesday night for only $29. Anything all-you-can-eat is always good for food blogger outings, especially when there are some serious contenders in presence, some juicy ribs will never go astray.

We all go for the A-Y-C-E ribs makes ordering a lot easier and by mentioning the internet promotion, we are entitled to receive a free soft drink each person. However, the waitress doesn’t seem to aware of the promotion and eventually we have to call for the manager and show them the online promotion on our iphones. Despite a little mishap, it is soon forgotten and we are hungry, the ribs come out very swiftly.

Hence, here comes the ribs…

Ninjas love ribs too… with matching polo shirts… and bibs…

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Each plate comes with a small rack of BBQ ribs and served with a handful of hot chips. The ribs are not as tender as I’d hoped for, it does have a nice bbq sauce smeared all over.

I do find my first rack of ribs are a tad on the dry side but somehow the second rack is heavily coated in thick sauce, just how I like it.

Despite we are trying so hard to avoid the chips so that we can fit more ribs in, we do find the hot chips are surprisingly addictive. It is hot and fluffy on the inside while crunchy on the outside. Some says they are even better than the ribs.

The rib looks harmless but they are actually quite meaty and it does fill us up fast. I tried my best with my attempt, but consider defeated only after two racks of ribs. Most of the girls had two ribs each, while the boys are fighting for glory with Richard (as usual) claiming the King-of-Ribs by gnawing down four ribs!

Our lovely ‘momofuku-obsessed’ Ellie (AlmostBourdain) also has made a birthday cake pie for the special occasion. We are so lucky to be able to taste the infamous Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie. The rather unappealing looking crack pie is incredibly rich! I am surprised how quickly it melts, as Ellie has to act fast while cutting the pie, and Helen‘s lucky last has already started melting and becomes sticky and gooey. The gooey filling reminds me of the caramel filling of a pecan pie, and perhaps a little too sweet for some.

Ellie, you just have to keep making and let us taste test until is perfect. 😀

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Waterfront Grill
Shop 289 Harbourside
Darling Harbour NSW 2000
P: (02) 9280 4994

Opening Hours
Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
7 Days a Week
Mon -  Fri 7:30am -  10:30pm
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