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If you are in Melbourne and happen to be near City Square, you definitely have to check out the Metlink Edible Garden they have set up for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival this year. Imagine a whole edible garden in your backyard where you can just pick any fruit or vegetable and take a bite as you frolicking through the foliage, how cool would that be?

Helen (Grab Your Fork) and I went to check out the Metlink Edible Garden over the weekend and it was truly fascinating with so much fruits and vegetables that I’ve never heard of and also a few tropical plants that I am surprised to see them able to grow in the Australia’s climate.

I have to admit I am a self-confessed plant killer, me and gardening don’t mix. I have blogged about my herb garden over a year ago, and guess what, my herb garden is still growing strong a year later and now I have a good collection of herb plants including bird’s eye chilli, spring onion, rosemary, basil, parsley, lemon thyme, aji chilli and a few different type of mint. They are my pride and joy that I often used in my cooking. The reason why they are surviving is because they are edible, which somewhat motivates me to take extra care of the plant. If they are just flowers, I probably couldn’t care less… is true.

My next addition to my little edible garden will be a mandarin tree. I am very excited about that because I already started this little project on my friend Big D’s mandarin tree few months back. The little incision I’ve made on one of the stems is already growing roots, is time to be cut and transplant into a pot. Hopefully, the first harvest will be in a year’s time. Wish me luck!

My edible garden is definitely not as impressive as the Metlink Edible Garden, but I do find growing, harvesting and cooking your own fruits and vegetables gives me a sense of satisfaction and even it may sound cliche, but definitely tastes million times better than store bought. I don’t think you can have any excuse that because you live in a tiny apartment in Sydney and there is no space for an edible garden. Bullshit! If Indira Naidoo can sustain an edible garden on her apartment’s balcony, so can everybody else! You definitely have to check out her impressive edible garden on her blog. It’s worth it.

I’ll finish up this post with a few photos I’ve taken from the Metlink Edible Garden.

Tips: If you want to practice you food photography, the Edible Garden is already perfectly set up for you and the best backdrop you could have ever asked for.

Metlink Edible Garden will be on display at the City Square in Melbourne, from 10am – 7.30pm daily until March 19, 2010. Entry is free.

[ A Table For Two attended the events at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival as a guest of Tourism Victoria ]