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ATFT has a new shop, check it out!

Why? Simply because I can’t find t-shirt that I would like to wear and decided to make my own. So here I will share my love of food from the plate, to the blog, now printed on the t-shirt. Every month, a new t-shirt design will be released, handmade all by myself. Each t-shirt will be limited to 50 units only. Once sold, it will become a collectible item and you will be a proud owner of a piece of ATFT history. ATFT food t-shirts are made for food lovers.

Sooner or later, I will get food bloggers around the world to get involved in this project. A food blogger will be featured every month, along with the t-shirt design about “choo”. Plus, you will also make a small profit on every t-shirt sold, win win situation in my dictionary cookbook! Keep checking, more information will be posted soon!

Now, there is a shop button added on the top navigation. Go and check it out, do it. Doooo… it….. You know you want to….