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Season‘s greetings!

I have to admit, overeating is a bitch! I feel fat and lethargic from excessive consumption, and have to visit the bathroom two or three times a day is simply abnormal. (I know is too much information, tough!) When I thought I finally have some down time to relax from all the frenzy feasting over the last two days, the next thing I know is I need to start preparing the large hunk of roast pork belly tomorrow, ready for the next feasting outing. Sigh… …

Since I don’t have family here to celebrate Christmas with, the Pom and I were invited to an Orphan’s Christmas picnic at Balls Head Reserve, organised by the Monkeyboy and Ms Vegetarian. Orphan’s Christmas picnic is always a great alternative when a group of friends with no where to go on the big day or unable to visit their families due to inability to travel afar.

The food is always aplenty at the orphan’s christmas lunch where everyone brought along a plate of savoury or sweet to share. I’ve decided to make the Momofuku Bo Ssam (click for recipe) that I brought along to the Sydney Food bloggers christmas picnic again for the occasion, with Beardman helping out and brought along the kimchi to go with the pork. The Pom has also prepared a coconut fuffle slice (sorry no picture) dessert which absolutely decadent.

It won’t be an Aussie Christmas without the fresh prawns, a whole 2kg of them courtesy of Monkeyboy and Ms Vegetarian. They’ve also prepared some turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches, my first taste of turkey this festive season.

Richard brought along the lethal egg nog to the sydney food bloggers xmas outing and I fell in love with. So I asked him for the recipe and made my first egg nog, surprisingly it is easier than I thought. Unfortunately I misread one step in the recipe and the egg nog didn’t turn out as what I’ve expected, but it is still tasty nevertheless.

Mrs Pirate has also prepared some amazing goat cheese and sweet caramelised onion tarts. I fell in love with it on the first bite, that strong goat cheese flavour and the sweet caramelised onions are perfectly balanced. I could just imagine that it will be absolutely awesome if is straight out of the oven. She has also prepared white chocolate dipped pretzels which is a delightful surprise plays on the sweet and salty combination.

Unfortunately poor Mr Pirate had to work on Christmas Day but fortunately to be able to get away and joined us for a short lunch break.

The Department and Wingdingo also kindly brought along some ham, shaved from their 9 kilo monster I’ve been told, big enough to make breakfast, lunch and dinner with for the next few weeks.

For dessert, they have also made the Jamie Oliver’s avant-garde version of mince pies. I liked the new take of the traditional mince ices, which is a fruity puff pastry scroll embedded inside filo pastry. Apart from all the deliciousness, they also brought along a somewhat demolished gingerbread house pictured above.

Ms Vegetarian has made an amazing panforte that absolutely tasted like Christmas on my first bite. The little panforte is jam packed with rolled oats, nuts and caramlised fruits especially the candied mandarin peels are shouting nothing but Christmas.

At this point, the wind just get wilder and fiercer, and raindrops are slowly approaching. With no choice but started packing things up frantically and fled to Monkeyboy’s apartment to continue our orphan’s party with the last thing everyone is waiting for – the Kris Kringle game!

Mrs Pirate is the Kris Kringle game planner every year, she even spent so much effort into wrapping the presents with a little clue on the gift tag what is inside. It makes me happy to see a big pile of presents on the table ready to be snatched, stolen, whichever ways to get your hands on the pressies one’s heart desires. Let’s the game begins!

I hope your Christmas is as exciting as mine, full of delicious food and lots and lots of pressies! So what pressies did you get this Christmas? Please do share!

[Thanks Monkeyboy and Ms Vegetarian for organising the Orphan’s Christmas Picnic, Beardman for the Kim Chi, Mrs Pirate for the fun Kris Kringle game and everyone who I shared a great Christmas Day with.]