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Board games + desserts + BFFs = I AM SO IN!

It was Simon‘s Birthday and he herded a group of food bloggers to celebrate this special occasion at Wagaya for dinner then chillax later at a cafe where you can drink, have desserts and play board games! Be very afraid, my inner-geekiness is going to spill all over this post (Don’t judge me…). And I am not alone… Helen (GrabYourFork) is my board games partner in crime. We play heaps of lexulous on facebook (similar to Scrabbles) running in the background while writing blog post late at night. But the game that really set both of us off has to be the Pictionary.

Norita Cafe and Board Games is the place where anyone can relive their childhood playing all different kinds of board games. It is hidden on the second level on Liverpool Street a stone throw away  from 3 Wise Monkeys bar. We follow a fleet of stairs and soon found ourselves in a cosy cafe packed with groups of youngsters hanging around, playing board games with the sudden loud roar of laughter. We are soon seated at the table right next to the tall bookshelves which is neatly stacked with nothing but all different kinds of board games that you could imagine. Monopoly, Scrabbles, Go, Pictionary, Cluedo, Taboo, Chess, Jenga… you name it, is all there.

Two different menus are presented to us, one is the food menu and the other one of course, is the board games menu. On the food menu, it is mainly snack food, drinks, cakes and desserts. Since we have already had our dinner at Wagaya, so we decided to go with some drinks and few cakes to share. And the board games menu, it has an extensive list of games to choose from, range $1 to $2 per game per person. It is rather difficult to find a game that can be played by 9 people spread over two tables. Eventually we split into two groups, with Simon, Lex, Minh, Suze and Richard settled on Taboo, a game I am not familiar with, but me and Helen both faces suddenly lit up and suggested to Yas and Karen – It’s Pictionary time!

Oh boy, aren’t we the loudest in the cafe!?

Helen is laughing so hard with teary eyes and everyone is pretty much holding their stomachs, squirming and collapsing on the couch laughing our asses off! I am just glad that we didn’t knock down any food and drinks on the table that we’ve ordered.

From time to time, we have to take a break from the game and take a sip of our drinks or a nibble on the cakes to calm ourselves down and gather our souls back. I ordered the cookies and cream thick shake that comes with a Oreo cookie inside, Helen goes for the green tea thick shake, but the most interesting drink is Simon’s Misugaru milkshake, a traditional Korean drink which the waitress is having difficulty to describe what it taste like and even Simon had to it on his phone and soon we found out it is actually made from roasted rice powder. It has a sweet malt flavour on first sip but soon turns into an intense smokiness that almost taste like charcoal. It is hard to describe the flavour, but Karen’s best description of the misugaru is – burned popcorns that you usually found at the bottom of the bowl.

I also ordered a blueberries cheesecake to share while Simon goes for the green tea and black sesame ice cream with azuki bean paste oh wafer cup, which is the tasty and safe option to go for when you can’t decide what to order. Lex’s dessert looks most impressive among them all, with banana slices on a bed of crunchy golden cornflakes, and tapioca pearls at the bottom I believe. The twin tower of chocolate wafer fingers are mockery leaning against a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The food at Norita cafe is probably not something to rave about, but somehow we still managed to stay in the cafe and having a great time playing board games until its closing time. If Lawrence Leung can bring the ‘cool’ back to Rubik’s Cube, then being seen playing 80’s board games at Norita cafe might not be so bad after all.

Norita Cafe and Board Games
Level 2, 77 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9267 3753

Opening hours:
Mon to Thu  11am - Midnight
Fri to Sat  11am - 2am