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It’s Christmas time, and I have my barf bag ready for some crazy eating frenzy.

I don’t have family here in Australia to celebrate Christmas with, but don’t you worry – I already have a few feasting occasions in my diary and I definitely won’t go hungry. Tonight, I will be having the Christmas eve dinner with The Pom – usually is a roast chook with the MUST HAVE  brussell sprouts. The Pom swears by that stuff – ‘No brussell sprouts, no Christmas!” Oh, of course we can’t have a Christmas dinner without the Christmas pudding, one whole kilo of spiced fruity pudding, with custard cream and flambe cognac…. *hic*

On Christmas Day, we us and few friends from UK, US and other countries with no where to go will be having an Orphans Christmas picnic where everyone will bring some food to share. I am actually quite looking forward to the orphans christmas picnic, everyone will be making some delicious food that I am dying to try. I am making the Momofuku Bo Ssam again for the picnic, can’t wait! And of course, the Kris Kringle game afterwards is always a good laugh. It’s going to be a good afternoon, if the rain can hold off just a little bit longer.

You do not think the feasting stop there do you, silly?! No way Jose! On Boxing Day, there will be more feasting action going on, and this time I will be over for a BBQ with fellow food bloggers. It is always deadly to have a food party with food bloggers, with their never ending supply of food! I think I will stick to the salad… AS IF!

So what are you doing this Christmas?

A Table For Two would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Christmas, and let the tummy run wild over this Feastive Season.