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I have had a rather quiet but productive weekend simply because the internet was down since last Friday. I am still amazed how much stuff I’ve done around the house without the distractions from internet. A quick recap – I’ve done my taxes for the business (hate doing it!); I’ve steamed a medium size snapper for dinner and passionfruit ice cream for dessert; then I also made way too many macarons but have yet to perfect it; and last but not least …

…a little face lift on the blog and I finally finished my food photography portfolio! Hooray!


The ATFT Photography is a website to showcase some of my food photography.

How did it all started? It was three years ago when I was asked to photoshoot a hotel conference at Hilton Sydney which was my first paid gig. I am glad that the brief for the job was flexible and fit perfectly into my shooting style – I am the story teller by capturing the “special moment”. They were very happy with my work and I’ve been shooting the conference every year since.

Then A Table For Two was born in 2008, slowly I started taking more and more photos of food and my obsession in food photography is undeniable. I am very lucky to have readers who admire my food photography and still reading this blog regularly. Then totally out of the blue, Mad Mex contacted me and next thing I know I was shooting burritos for them! It was a fun day no doubt.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and let my portfolio do the talking.


Check out the ATFT Photography website.