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October is going to be a busy week and I am sure everyone will agree! Birthdays, Mid Autumn Festival, and then yes! Celebrity Masterchef Australia! And Sydney International Food Festival! October is all about Eat, Eat and Eat!

Celebrity Masterchef Australia

The inaugural Celebrity Masterchef Australia is going to start end of September! The 18 celebrity contestants have been revealed recently including: George Negus / Simon Westaway / Kirk Pengilly / Josh Thomas / Ryan O’Keefe / Alex Lloyd /Rachael Finch / Faustina “Fuzzy” Agolley / Alex Perry / Michelle Bridges / Peter Fitzsimons /Eamon Sullivan / Anna Bligh / Indira Naidoo / Kathleen De Leon / Peter Rowsthorn /Simon Katich / Wendy Harmer.

So, who’s your favourite? I am putting my bet on Indira Naidoo (Duh! She is a food lover and she even has a food blog!), Kathleen de Leon (all Filipino can cook!) and George Negus (This one is a ‘maybe’. Maybe because he reminds me of Huey, is that good or bad?) And for the first one to go, Rachael Finch?

The show starts Wednesday, 30th September 2009, 7.30pm on Channel 10.

[via – Masterchef Australia]

Sydney International Food Festival

First thing I noticed the annual Sydney Morning Herald food festival in October is Good Food Month no longer, but Sydney International Food Festival. I have to say the abbreviation ‘SIFF’ is not as catchy as ‘GFM’, and I keep thinking someone tweeted “As if..” for no particular reasons. The event this year is bigger than Ben Hur with Chefs from all over the world to show off they culinary skills. The Sugar Hit is always a highlight for me, but I am not sure I can top the crazy idea of fitting 5 sugar hits in one night again this year!

Just go to the SIFF website and check out the huge list of events and take your pick. Helen from grabyourfork is also running a competition to win ticket to SIFF World Chef Showcase worths $285. Don’t miss out!

Also, have you guys noticed those beautiful food flags photos to promote SIFF? Check them out here at full glory!

[via – SIFF & I believe in Advertising]

Scott Hove’s Cakeland

While we are on the Food & Art topic, let’s check out this fanta-bu-licious food art! A shrine that is made out of pink inedible cake topped with icing and cherries. And with the most intriguing cake/canine sculpture masterpiece had me in awe when I saw this amazing Scott Hove’s Cakeland on Hi-Fructose Magazine. According to Scott Hove,

Cakeland is a sculptural installation resembling a collection of perfect delicious cakes– wall mounted, hanging and standing– a walk-through cake environment complete with its own lighting.  It is a sweet refuge, an endless kaleidoscopic landscape of cake, a respite from the grinding realities of the outside world.

Shame it is inedible. You can find out more about Scott Hove’s work on his website.

[via – Hi-Fructose Magazine & Scott Hove]