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It’s Friday, it is warm and sunny outside. I think I should be at the pub, chomping down a big juicy burger… or wear it… or sleep on it… You think I am crazy?! Well check this out for yourself! But first, I want this Domo Kun mug!!!


Domo Color-Changing Mug
A Domo Kun mug, like it; but a Domo Kun thermal mug that changes color?! MUST HAVE! Domo Kun loves nature but seems like hot liquid doesn’t sit very well with him. Who doesn’t love Domo Kun shoots pink gas really? The mug has just released recently by Dark Horse and now I can see is available through Kid Nemo at US$14.99 each.

[via – darkhorse]


The Hamburger dress
Does my buns look big in this? If you like your ladies with soft perky buns on top and bottom, with juicy meat patty in between, look no further. And would you like fries with that? Sesame seeds are optional.

Now let’s sing along

(Oh-oh, here she comes)  Watch out boy she'll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes)  She's a maneater

[via – Food Proof]


The Hamburger Bed
Now this is a real Meal Deal! One big round meaty mattress, comes with cheese, tomato pillow, lettuce sheet, and top bun duvet, used but well loved. This one off hamburger bed made by Kayla Kromer from Austin, Texas is finally sold on Ebay for US$3050.00! That hamburger bed is one man’s dream, but all you can do now is join this lousy facebook fan page. Now I can see someone gonna take the McGangBang idea to a whole new level here….

[via – the hamburger bed]