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In the modern, fast-paced (and westernised as a matter of fact) Malaysia, the first thing you will notice is food franchise outlets popping up everywhere! Majority of the chains are US franchises like Macdonald’s, KFC, Kenny Rogers, and Marry Brown (comes with seatings hang from the roof like a swing), Chilis just to name (seriously) a few of them; then there’s also tech savvy Chinese businessmen turning old recipes into fast food money making machine like Secret Recipe, and also, no doubt the popular Old Town White Coffee Cafe. When we talk about white coffee, it is all started in Ipoh of course.

The ever-filthy little cafe called White Cafe in old town Ipoh, has now become a multi-million successful business with over 100 outlets across the country plus Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Old Town White Coffee cafe is definitely the most convenient and cleaner option to try some of the famous food from Ipoh, with a nice cup of white coffee of course. They even keep the decor pretty close to the original cafe, using old black wooden tables with marble tops; and some beautiful nostalgic photographs of the old town cafe scenes once used to be like.


Franchises are franchises, the food will never be the same and as tasty as those from the original cafe in Ipoh. Having said that, there are definitely a few items on the menu that I can say is pretty close to the originals, if not even better.

My all time favorite will have to be the Dry Curry Mee. A very simple dish by using instant noodle mixes with dry soy sauce (Gon Lou - 干撈), topped with steamed chicken slices, then christened with a nice scoop of hot curry sauce. Don’t be fool by the little smidgen of curry sauce, it won’t blow your head off, but definitely will give you a tingling sensation on the lips and will send you off looking for that glass of Ice white coffee.


If you like your half boiled egg, then you will have to try the Malaysia/Singapore (or asia countries generally) version. The egg is cooked to perfection with a runny egg white that has no lumpy bits and the yolk is still holding its shape. Most people will just drink it in one go with a dash of soy sauce, or dip with bread toasts. The secret for such perfect half boiled egg is all thank to this most amazing cooker ever invented in this world! I am bringing one back home, so will showcase how it works when I get back and write a post about it.


The Old Town Curry Mee is also one of my favorite, a dish will make you sweat. It is an alternative name to the Curry Laksa, and also the soup based version of the Dry Curry Mee. The instant noodle along with fishcake and chicken slices are submerged in bowl of curry soup with tofu, long beans sealed with a layer of chili oil. The only down side is how to refrain myself from drinking all the soup and having the urge for toilet-run the day after.

Most franchises will use the instant noodle for the Curry Mee but the one I had again at LCCT airport branch is served with thicker egg noodle which is a little stodgy I found.


Lastly, another must try at the Old Town White Coffee Cafe is the Kaya and Butter Toast. A generous layer of kaya spread on two layer of brown toasts, with a thick block of unmelted butter sandwiched in between. Heaven! A sweet prelude of kaya spread on the crispy toast, to a “hello momma!” buttery finale.

Old Town White Coffee cafe is the new trend of the old tradition, the new breed of the old recipe. Not to mention the free WiFi at all outlets, I saw a lot of foreigners including myself taking the advantage of the internet while still able to try some local favorite specialties. What not to love?

3 outlets I've tried:
Old Town White Coffee - Gunung Rapat
Old Town White Coffee - LCCT airport
Old Town White Coffee - Kelana Mall

For more outles, please visit website: 

Business hour : most outlets open from 8am - 12am