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Are you a Michael Jackson fan? Me too!

But my Michael Jackson is different from your Michael Jackson, well… at least my Michael Jackson is drinkable and slurp-a-licious. This Michael Jackson drink (I actually learned about the MJ name from Almost Bourdain) also known as Black and White drink which I blogged about a while ago. This MJ drink is basically consists of sweetened soy bean milk drink with strands of dark almost black, grass jelly inside. I grew up drinking this stuff.

Hence during my recent trip back to Ipoh, my hometown in Malaysia, dropping by at Funny Mountain where I’ve spent many afternoons after school drinking MJ is a MUST in my eating itinerary.


Apart from its shop name, there is nothing really funny about Funny Mountain and they definitely take their business and the drink they served very seriously. The Tan Brothers have been churning out their famous soya bean drink since 1950s. All they served are original soya drink, black and white (soya & grass jelly), grass jelly drinkTofu Fa (sweet beancurd drink) and white and white (soya mixed with tofu fa) or mix all together! Funny Mountain is a very popular shop in downtown Ipoh where many locals from afar will drive a long way there just to taste their soya drink.

When we arrived, there are already a lot of cars parking outside the shop. A young girl running around the cars, taking orders and then bringing back the drinks – taking “Drive Thru” to a whole new level. Yes, we can enjoy our drinks without having to get out of the car! While sipping a refreshing cool drink inside air-conditioned car, I rather feel sorry for the young girl running around under the hot sun, back and forth among the cars.


The MJ drink is small and only lasted few mounthful, but at only RM1.80 (AUD$0.60) a glass, I seriously can’t complain. Once you’ve finished, just hold the empty glasses outside the car window and automatically she will come and collect it. Simple as that. This place is truly a gem in Ipoh not to be missed.

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Funny Mountain Soya Bean & Taufu Fa Traditional
Along Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar,
(near to the Tanjung Rambutan taxi stand)
30300 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia

P: 05 546 9968 Business hours: Open Daily, 10.30am to 7.30pm