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It is ChocolateSuze‘s craziest birthday do with a truck load of foodbloggers shoved into a tiny room at Wagaya. The whole night was rather a blur and chaotic – food with no names are shared, well at least the quick hands got some, the slow hands got none. Hence some of the hungry hungry hippos decided to kick on and ended up at the LNC Dessert House on Sussex Street.

This place hurts my eyes! Especially arrived late at night after 12am. I am totally zonked out with all the psychedelic yellow, green and red decor throughout the whole shop. The harsh tungsten lighting inside ain’t helping either and makes everything in radioactive glow!


I believe LNC is a Taiwanese dessert house, offering sweet desserts including pearl ice tea, shaved ice, asian sweet porridge drink, gelato and even a small selection of hot food on the menu for those who looking for something a bit more substantial. The menu is just as colourful as the decor, a teen girl’s dream come true. No surprise ChocolateSuze goes for the most bizzare looking dessert – Mango lychee & mini sticky balls with mango gelato. Multi-coloured sticky balls half submerged in a glass of yellow liquid substance, plus a big scoop of mango gelato melting slowly in centre. This dessert has Suze written all over, just like how Simon has described it, “She is unique”.


I played safe and go for a simple drink of papaya with white fungus and lotus seed. The drink is chilled and refreshing, the papaya is soft but very mild in flavour, in contrast of the crunchy white fungus and lotus seed.


A random act of kindness, I  ordered fried fish balls to share with my beloved food bloggers. To my dismay, no love for my fried fish balls from them except Ms C&C Music Factory had one, and I gobbled down the rest. The steamy hot fried fishball is yielding and bouncy, served on hot peanut satay sauce for that little spicy kick. I love cheap snack like this.


Helen likes her staple red bean porridge with sticky ball so she orders again.


Nothing tickles Ms C&C Music Factory fancy, so she custom made a Chocolate and coffee gelato with longan fruit.


Simon orders the red bean slush & sticky rice with green tea gelato which he doesn’t seem too impress with.

LNC Dessert House opens late 7 days a week. Probably not a place I will visit often, but I am glad to have a shelter when I am looking for some late night snack.

On our way back to our cars, we walked past a Chinese noodle restaurant that opens late which serves hot congee. We were standing outside spending quite some time checking their menu and actually thinking about going inside for our third meal. Yep, we are pigs. (or hippos!)

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LNC Dessert House
Shop 12, 339 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 92833823

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu & Sun 12pm - midnight
Fri & Sat    12pm - 2am

We didn’t go in, if you must know.