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The sweat,
the greasy hair,
the pastry stroking,
the crying love affair,
the scientific peas,
the “Chop! Chop!” time,
or perhaps that “Cooking for life” cringey comment…

Sadly Masterchef Australia is on its final week with only 5 contestants left.

You must be so sick of these 3 words by now: Foodblogger, Malaysian, Masterchef.

First thing I noticed when I become a foodblogger was there are SO MANY MALAYSIAN FOODBLOGGERS out there!!! And they are all addicted to Masterchef Australia TV show! Shameless I am also a big fan of this TV show, so as my fellow blogger friends including ChocolateSuze and GrabYourFork, religiously glued to the Masterchef online chat, a real time chat with fiery comments and swears while talking screaming at the screen when the show is on every night.

There’s 20, and now down to 5. A few of my favorites are still in the final 5 including Julie and of course, another Malaysia expat, Poh! I like how Poh dare to be different and creative, and let her artisitc flair shines in her cooking. Not to mention, those Malaysian cooking of hers are making me homesick. And guess what, I am going back to Malaysia in 2 weeks times! HELLO MALAYSIAN FOOD! HERE I COME!!!

Hence as a fellow Malaysian food lover, I am all for POH!



(pronounce: Jee-arr Yoouu – the encouragement cheers in Chinese, also meaning ‘add oil’ in Chinese, how approrpiate!)

So who do you want to see to be the first winner of Masterchef Australia?