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It’s Fridaylicious time!

It’s been a long time since I update you all with some juicy fridaylicious nonsense. Well, maybe not all are nonsense; especially the post today actually will be very useful to plan your weekend ahead. At least I know I am all planned out for this weekend! 🙂

The Rocks Aroma Festival

It’s that time of year again! I’ll be heading down to the annual Aroma Festival this Sunday at The Rocks! Looks like there will be more ground to cover with areas divided into different genres like The Oasia, The Orient, The Latin Quarter and The Continent. $2 for a cup tasting coffee, my head will be buzzing quicker than I can say “SHAZAM!” For non-coffee drinker, there will also have stalls selling tea, sweet, cupcakes, and chocolate. Be there early to beat the afternoon crowd I’ll say.

If you see me, (not that you know how I look like) come and say hi!

Time: Sunday, 10am-5pm
The Rocks (get off at Circular Quay train station)
Check out the map here.

And the love is free… book launch

How I wish I am the one who is launching my new cookbook. (envy…) Nonetheless, let’s support our fellow foodblogger, Jules Clancy from the stone soup, launching her new cook book titled, And the love is free… at the Tilbury Hotel this Sunday. The book is a celebration of the beautiful life of her mum and the story told through her recipes.

Make sure to go and support and grab yourself a copy signed by the author herself!

‘and the love is free…’ book launch
Time: Sunday, 4pm-8pm
Venue: The Tilbury Hotel (upstairs)
12/18 Nicholson Street, Woolloomooloo

Masterchef Australia Finale online chat

Tetsujin, IRON CHEF! oops! wrong channel… I mean,

There was 20, and now down to the final 2 – Poh and Julie! I actually prefer Chris to be in the final, at least it will be a fair game between Poh and Chris, I believe they are the two strongest contenders in Masterchef. Julie is nice and all, but rule is rule, unfinished plating dishes are really unacceptable, that’s what the time limit is for.

I am supporting Poh all the way! Don’t you dare let Julie win with some lame sad life stories begging for sympathy votes! I don’t buy into that! If you are a Masterchef fanatic like us, come and join us at the Masterchef real time online chat while the final episode is on! Au contraire! And I am going to cook up a Malaysian feast to support POH all the way that night!


Time: Sunday, 7.30pm-9.30pm
Venue: click here to join Masterchef chat room online

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

It has nothing to do with food what so ever, simply because I am going to watch the lastest installment this weekend! I’ll be summoning for junk food for that ultimate cinema experience no doubt.

Accio Frozen Coke! Accio Choc Top!