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你好. Sabaidee. xin chào. Sour Sdey.

4 destinations + 3 cameras + 50 rolls of films + 1 hungry mouth + 720 hours of frenzy eating = a whirlwind gastronomic journey in S.E. Asia!

I am writing this post on the train on my way to airport. As you’d have probably noticed my little countdown clock on the sidebar. Yes, I will be heading over to South East Asia and eat my way around Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

But don’t worry, I have my MacBook with me so will definitely keep you all updated on my gastronomic journey whenever I can find Internet.

So I would like your help to make my journey more exciting! If you think there are particular food or restaurants I should try in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, please let me know with directions on how to get there and I definitely will try and hunt it down.

Fun aside, I will also vonlunteer at monk monastery in Luang Prabang and children hospital in Cambodia to get back to basic, and tap into a typical poverty lifestyle, especially from the food consumption perspective. And hopefully through this experience will make me wiser and appreciate food even more.

Until then, eat well and make sure you enter my Fridaylicious competiton to win the fantastic Mr Tean’s prize pack and have your own Malaysian food party at home!!!