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One dish after another, a carnivore’s dream comes true.

On another hand, the way how I was brought up, always told by my parents to just have a little of each dish to go with a big mouthful of steamed rice. On this occasion, I have to make exceptions. Whenever I dine with the two white Caucasians – The Pom and Big D, the meal always resolving into a meat fest. They are more than happy to just order meat dishes and eat on its own, but I simply couldn’t do it. Well, I could, but I choose not to; I always feel guilty without any vegetable intake after a meal.

There is no exceptions during our recent meal at Super Bowl on Dixon St in Chinatown – meat, meat and more meat…. and Ma Po tofu dish with “mince”.


I actually haven’t been to Super Bowl on Dixon St for more than 5 years if my memory serves me correctly. I simply wasn’t impressed with the quality of the food the first time I visited this restaurant and this will also be my second time visit this restaurant after all these years. And very disappointing to see the quality hasn’t change a bit. Chinese food is all about the breath of the wok; unfortunately a choking puff is all they can offer in their dishes.

The white boys think avoiding sweet and sour pork, and beef in black bean sauce will makes them look cool and culinary well-educated. Hence, they go for…



Honey Chicken, and Deep fried shredded beef….



I actually do not mind the crispy shredded beef as it is one of those dishes that I would normally order when I feel like having something naughty but satisfying. Not in this case, the deep fried heavy battered beef strips are soft and soggy with excessive sweet plum sauce all over. If I am going to jeopardise my health by ordering this dish, then I am expecting it to be extremely dirty – mutated cow with MSG that has been deep fried until a earth shattering crunch! I am totally violated with its dirtiness but leaving me unsatisfied.


It is the same story for the Honey Chicken. The lack of wok’s breath makes the dish uninviting. The chicken pieces are well hidden inside the batter that is still soft and doughy. It feels like eating deep fried beignets in sweet honey sauce with chicken pieces Kinder surprise inside! We ate it anyway, the waiter seems more interested in me taking photos of the food and my camera than making sure we are happy with the food.


Then we also have pork mince in XO Sauce. I actually not quite sure what to make out of this dish. The pork mince is stir fried with onion and shallots, tossed in XO sauce, it has great flavour and could be a little more spicy. The whole dish seems like being cooked and set aside, ready to be used as an ingredient for another major dish like on top of noodle dish, or perhaps on the next dish I ordered, the Ma Po Tofu. Little cubes of silken tofu are swimming together with more pork mince, pickled vegetable and green peas in a hot pot of spicy sauce. This dish is pretty decent, the lack of tofu in the pot has somehow makes the pork mince becomes the hero after all.

Well fed but unsatisfied, I walk out of this place and noticed the drinks are actually served from Y2K cafe next door. Also noticed one of the waiters (the elder one) who used to work at the Super Bowl on Goulburn St which now called Super Meal, has also migrated over and now works here. With three penalties from the NSW Food Authority last August 2008, I should have known better. Shame on me.

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Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant
41 Dixon Street, Chinatown Haymarket, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9281 2462

Open 7 days 8am-2am Unlicensed BYO, Corkage $2 Person

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