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I think one of the most important factor that makes a cafe/restaurant ahead of others is to have an experience coffee barista who knows his coffee. I never claimed to be a coffee expert, but I definitely can appreciate a good cup of coffee when it is well made with a good blend. The “Rosebud” blend has caught my attention. With the help from one of my favorite coffee roasters in Sydney, Single Origin, this unique blend sends a sweet malt, toffee and caramel smoothness down my throat. The “Rosebud” blend is only available at the Rosebud restaurant in Rozelle of course.

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With our pre-arranged Adriano Zumbo’s winter collection outing, I decided to arrive at Rozelle a little earlier to have a browse at my favorite Rozelle weekend market. I love junkyard market, carboot sale, tender center; I love going through someone’s junk and always fascinated by them. I always think the items they owned reflect that personalities’ alot. I like how there is this stall at the market who only sells army military uniforms and he will always manning his stall dressed up in uniform too.

You will amazed what you could find at the markets sometimes. I picked up some good gems now and again, including some old etchings for $30, and recently scored a carving fork for $12. Unfortunately this morning is rather windy and the rainy season in Sydney recently doesn’t help, a lot of stalls are not open and some already started packing up as we arrived. Hence we decided to follow suit and find ourselves at the Rosebud cafe aross the street to have our pre-zumboism brunch.

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The Rosebud’s minimalist design delivers a relaxed atmosphere with spacious open plan and outdoor dining area. A massive black chalkboard wall inside restaurant has the daily menu scribbled all over. Impressive yet useful. The restaurant is absolutely buzzing with customers having their late weekend breakfast, sipping the fresh roasted coffee with their nose buried deeply in the newspaper.

We are handed out with the lunch menu and there is only a very short list of all-day-breakfast items available. As we both not really ready for a big lunch, so we decided to go for the eggs on toast with a side. The pom goes for the organic fried eggs with thick sliced toast which is over toasted to a earth shattering crunch, and it becomes too hard to bite into. He chooses a side of bacon and english breakfast sausages which is nicely fried and not too greasy. I love bacon fried with a toasty crispy edge.

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Just to be different, I opt for the organic scrambled eggs with the side of smoked salmon. Same story, the rock hard toast is scraping the skin off the roof in my mouth every time I take a bite. Despite the over-crunchy crackers toast, the scrambled egg is creamy and fluffy with perfect consistency. The smoked salmon has the most vibrant pinkish flesh, which has a subtle hint of smokiness, not too overpowering and still can taste the freshness of the salmon.

When the bill comes, we soon realised we have made a mistake due to a confusing menu. On the menu it reads,

Field mushrooms, roasted truss tomatoes, sauteed baby spinach – 4
Bacon, English breakfast sausages – 4.50
Smoked salmon, grilled haloumi – 5

The price is charged on each item separately per line of the menu. My initial thought was I am going to make a complain because they forgot about my grilled haloumi to go with my smoked salmon! I still strongly think using “comma” in a line means “a combination of” in the same sentence! A “/” or “or” are compulsory in this case.

Despite the little hiccup and rather pricey, the food is great, and the coffee is fantastic. I definitely will come back again to try its proper breakfast menu, or perhaps a lunch.

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Rosebud Bar & Restaurant
654 Darling St. Rozelle
(corner National St)
P: (02) 9555 8999
Open for Breakfast & Lunch
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm
Sat 8am-5pm
Sun 8am-4pm
Open for Dinner
Wed–Sat 6pm–Late

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