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I’ve heard there is a Pie in the Sky spotted in Cowan, but this extraterrestrial sighting is spreading and I personally spotted a Pie in the Sky at Erina too! This kind of sighting happens now and again, but more often during rainy days. The luring of hot steamy chunky beef encrusted in flaky pastry, I am yet again finding myself stepping inside this little spaceship for more hearty probing of lavish hot pies.


The Pie in the Sky bakery is not that hard to find, located right in a business complex in Erina. Just ask the locals for direction and you will be tasting the “Best Pies on the Coast!” in no time – a big claim on the window outside the bakery. Plenty of outdoor seating on a raised level verandah outside the shop for the instant pie pleasure.

Once stepped inside, I am instantly intoxicated with the rich aroma of baking and hot pies. This bakery is always busy with locals when every time I am here. Which is a good thing, as I always need more time to decide what pies I am going to get from a huge selection on the board.


The Chicken Mornay is Pom’s favorite, so he orders it again. It is obvious why chicken mornay is such a hit with chunky tender chicken pieces in a thick creamy mornay sauce sealed inside the most amazing flaky crusty top.

This time I go for the chunky beef pie, one of my all time favorite. This is a pie for the real man; nice chunky beef pieces in thick gravy which has a strong bittery black ale flavour to it. They always ask whether I need tomato sauce with the pies. Why need it when the pie itself is already so damn good?


Guilty as charged. Don’t look at me like that…. I am just a man who needs protein in his diet. I’ve had many sausage rolls in my life, and I do know what they usually put inside the sausage rolla. But trust me – this sausage roll is to die for. The pork mince inside is surprisingly light and tender, well spiced with great flavour. It is also not as greasy as some others I’ve tasted. By the time I finished the pie and the sausage roll, my laps and the car seat are covered in flaky crumbs all over – messy but satisfied.

We also got a caramel slice for dessert but we didn’t eat it then and brought it back home to savour it later. It scores high marks from me and ticks all the crucial points how a caramel slice should be – thick layer of sweet gooey caramel, on a nice bed of short crust then topped with a layer of rich chocolate, a heavenly sweet sensation.

This is by far the best pie shop I’ve ever tasted in Central Coast. If you think there is one in this area that is even better, bring it on and let me know. I am always up for a drive in search of the best pie in the sky!

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Pie In The Sky Bakery - Erina Harvey Norman Complex, 178 The Entrance Rd, Erina, NSW 2250 (02) 4367 6509 Mon - Sunday 9am - 5pm