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Just look at these roman tomatoes, I had to have them when I spotted it at the supermarket, and they are the bestest, juiciest tomatoes ever in this world… no this universe!

Funny thing is I actually not a tomato person, I don’t mind them but I don’t miss them either. Maybe because I just don’t fancy those common big round tomatoes that are pretty to look at but rather tasteless most time. I tend to go for cherry tomatoes or romans, they are sweeter and more flavour. I got a full punnet of these romans and decided to roast them in oven and make a simple tasty breakfast.


I also got myself a loaf of ciabatta from Harris Farm Market, and some Perfect Italiano ricotta love from the good people at Mark Comms. I actually didn’t know there are so many variety in the Perfect Italiano ricotta cheese range. Ricotta for any occasions – from original, to light, to “extra” light; then there is also savoury ricotta and sweet ricotta. I decided to use the light ricotta for the breakfast, and churned up a light and fluffy scrambled eggs. Oh! Don’t forget the bacon!


The ricotta is naturally with high water content, so I do need to drain most of the water out through a sieve before adding it into the egg mixture. I followed Gordan Ramsay’s recipe for the perfect scrambled egg plus adding my own ricotta. The end result is a creamy, light and soft scramble egg that just melt in the mouth. As a typical foodblogger, the whole food photography session took quite some time and eventually there was some water leaking out of the scrambled eggs. Next time I think I will wrap the ricotta in muslin and leave it overnight to let all water drain out thoroughly.


Blistered roman tomatoes, creamy scrambed eggs, fry some bacon, toast the ciabatta on griller, a dollop of ricotta on side, drizzle some virgin olive oil all over – hmm.. my perfect breakfast.

Ricotta cheese courtesy of Perfect Italiano and Mark Comms. (Thanks Fleur!)