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San Churro is not new, but only now I got the chance to have my chocolate fix at the Chatswood branch. Since Max Brenner in Chatswood Chase has shut down years ago, this side of town is desperately in need of another chocolateria for those quick fix. Then came along San Churro to the rescue, located on the top floor in Westfield, it has become the frequent venue for the chocoholics. Not to mention the chilly winter weather, this place looks extremely inviting. Big D and I are coincidentally to be in the area, and since we are in no rush with free time to spare, some churros is just what I needed to wind down after a busy day.


If you know your niche, then being in the prime location is probably not a bigger deal anymore. The San Churro in Chatswood is well tucked away in a corner behind Hoyts cinema ticket counter, up on the top floor in Westfield. And somehow it is still always have a stream of customers hanging out at the cafe every time I walked past. The tiny cafe is cosy with dark wooden tables, rich decor but not over the top. Large shelves filled with chocolate goodies welcome us as we walked in, then slowly my eyes are transfixed on all the yummy looking truffles in the display cabinet over the counter.

So many chocolatey goodness, so little tummy can handle; hence I have to make do and settled with hot chocolate and churros for my first San Churro experience. The hot chocolate is super thick and extremely hot, I found myself in a Homer situation,

“Ooo chocolate… Hot! Hot! Hot!…. ooo chocolate… Hot! Hot! Hot! (SUZE)!…

It turns into a race between being impatient and burning my tongue over and over again. How I wish it is 100% melted chocolate inside my mug, but this thick custard-like hot chocolate is unmistakeably blended with malt.


Big D goes for the Spanish Coffee, which turns out to be an amazing combination of long black and a layer of condensed milk at the bottom. The rich coffee has a sweet caramel flavour from the condensed milk. It makes me rather home sick, as it tasted just like how we make it back in Malaysia. Surprisingly there are two cans of condensed milk miraculously appeared in my kitchen pantry, funny that! Dulche de Leche and coffee with condensed milk, how I love thee…


Here comes the food Churros! With the choice of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate as dipping sauce, I go for the latter ones. I also noticed the Dulche de Leche was once another dipping option but has been taken out of the menu. The churros are piping hot when it arrives at the table, a snow scene of sprinkled white icing sugar on top. Four long strips of churros are oh-so soft and sweet inside with golden brown crispy shields. I can’t help but keep dipping them into the rich dark chocolate sauce, while Big D prefers the sweeter version of milk chocolate sauce. The fingers are out when the churros are all gone, dipping into the sauce and fingers licking good indeed.


So, who is San Churro? According to its website,

In 1528 Hernan Cortes brought the decadent Aztec tradition of chocolate to Spain. So precious was this gift that only the monks were allowed to manufacture chocolate strictly for the Spanish aristocracy. The head monk, San Churro, witnessed many miracles of chocolate including the healing of the Queen of Spain and made it his life’s work to spread the ‘secret’ of chocolate across Europe.

And so began the legend of San Churro…

I think San Churro is onto something there and we are all still under his spell of miracle thing called Chocolate. But I still think San Churro looks extremely familiar…. I wonder who….

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Chocolateria San Churro - Chatswood
Shop 609, Westfield Chatswood
1 Anderson Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
p 02 9412 2276

Sun-Wed 9am-9:30pm
Thu 9am-10pm
Fri-Sat 9am-10:30pm
Sun 10am-9:30pm  

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