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Busy! Busy! Busy! When I am so busy and frustrated, there’s only one thing I can think of –


So today, I will only focus on Chocolate! But not any chocolate. These chocolate are made with brilliant ideas and a great sense of humour. I am sure it taste just as good as it looks. When the amazing 5.5 designers teamed up with the spanish chocolatier at Chocolat Factory, the world looks a lot more tastier already.


The First Undecided Turron

“Choosing a cake that all your guests will like is always a difficult task which often ends with the choice of a chocolate dessert. It is true that chocolate flavour is definitely the most popular one for all generation all over the world then the only question is the type of chocolate.” says the 5.5 Designers. I concur wholeheartedly. So the clever designers came up with a pie-chart chocolate turron that consists of white chocolate with crumbs, dark crispy chocolate, dark cookies chocolate, milk chocolate and Irish coffee. And this is only just the initial concept, imagine the possibility of mix-and-match all different type of chocolates in different portions to satisfy each of your guests.

Just make sure you get the largest slice.


The Most Honest Chocolate Tablet

You are what you eat, especially the calories you are piling on, on every single piece of chocolate that you just put in your mouth. Do you feel guilty later? Maybe. Reading the nutrition chart on the back of the box is probably the least thing you want to do when you all can think of is sinking your teeth and bite a big chunk out of it. 5.5 designers’ most honest chocolate tablet will be the most honest chocolate and letting you know how many calories you’ve just consumed. The gradually lengthen chocolate bar grows from 34 kcal up to 272kcal.

Taste good? I bet. Cruel? Defininitely.
Will you stop from eating more than 100kcal without crossing over your daily limit? Hmm… just a little bit more, won’t hurt right?

These chocolate will be in the upcoming collection from Chocolat Factory. Now I just need to find the closest store to Australia. SINGAPORE! Here I come!