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“Simply turns Sour into Sweet.”

That’s what it claims on the Miracle Frooties packet, and they definitely know what they are talking about. I’ve been given a free sample packet of this Miracle Frooties and they would like my opinion about this trippy product. I can’t think of any better idea than sharing this trippy frooties with some crazy Sydney food blogging pals.

“Oh yes! Pick me! Pick me!” Chocolatesuze was overly excited about the whole idea and volunteered to have the flavour tripping party at her dazzling “just moved in” new pad.


“… and everyone must wear wig!” The only entry condition into ChocolateSuze’s new pad.

A quick trip to the local $2 shop, I soon found myself at the party as a hard rock punk with flaming red mo-hawk; and GrabYourFork with her seductive purple curls; The Heart Of Food is go-go with his Super Fro; Ms Citrus&Candy and Mr HereComesTheFood are soon calling themselves Heidi & Helga, with their long shiny hair, one ginger (not brunette!) and one blonde. (It gets worse when they both started plaiting each other’s wigs, like they are real…. TRIPPY!) Then there is the glittery Golden Girls, with Hungry Digital Elf as Tina Turner and One Bite More as Cher (click on names for the resemblance).

As for the party host, ChocolateSuze is happily to be the Russian mail order bride, posing among her basil plant in her pinky bob… (Even more TRIPPY!)

Update: Oh Crap! I almost forgot Howard (Eat, Show & Tell) as the ‘Wife Beater’ from Wagga Wagga.


Despite the party is as trippy as it may sound, the food bloggers are actually quite sensible and everyone brings a plate for lunch to share. I know ChocolateSuze loves Domo Kun when I mentioned to her that I have a hoodie of domo-kun face and she also has a lot of Domo Kun plush toys at home! Hence, I decided to make a Domo Kun chocolate cake for this trippy occasion! (Recipe to follow if anyone interested on how to make the domo kun cake)


It is a sensible decision for us to have lunch first before we all get trippy and start burning holes in our stomach with acid. So let’s get trippy!

Note: I think I should apologise, there are a lot more photos to come! There are simply too much food and everyone having too much fun not to blog about it!


It’s always a bonus to have party with food bloggers who share the same passion towards one thing – FOOD! There was seriously so much food and all looked so delicious. Helen (Grab Your Fork) kindly made us some tasty Sushi Trio which consists of Chicken Teriyaki, seafood stick and also inside out California Roll. She also brought along the Coppersfolly fresh Wasabi from New Zealand to go with the sushi. You seriously can’t beat fresh wasabi.


Simon, The Super Fro (Heart of Food), made this super delicious crunchy dumpling balls with the options of prawns or scallops filling inside. He also churned up a Hoisin sweet and sour dipping sauce to go with the dumplings. Love this no mess party treats, especially deep fried and crunchy! This is my our first taste of Simon’s delicious balls, but I am already looking forward to the new surprise what he is going to bring to the next party!


Cher Shez (One Bite More) contributed a light and refreshing lentil salad with a nice tang of lemon, perfect to go with all the other heavy food. She insisted that the salad probably won’t taste as good because she made it the night before hand. I found nothing wrong with it.

ChocolateSuze also whipped up a pumpkin and pear salar with bocconcini and pinenuts in it. Since she doesn’t cook much, hence she played the wild card and let the mothership to cook us some amazing chicken curry, and sticky caramelised pork ribs.


ChocolateSuze has also decided to pan fry some frozen Katoomba brand Roti Paratha to go with the curry. While she is flipping the roti away, Grab Your Fork the santa little helper purple curls bombshell is on the side fluffing them up creating an air pocket inside with a pair of tongs. If you have watched the episode on Food Safari about making roti canai, then you would know the slapping technique is a very important last step to make the roti fluffy and airy. Have to say those are some good packeted Roti Paratha, light and crispy, perfect to soak up all the curry.

“Hey, let’s call my mum and you all shout into the phone”, ChocolateSuze and her crazy idea. “Hey mum, my friends want to say something to you, ready?”

“Wheeeee….!!!” “Waaaahhhhh….!!!” “Yeeahhhhh…!!!” “Thannnnkkk Yooouuuuuuu!!!” “Balllsssssssss….!”

Everyone shouted into the phone as it passed around then, “See ya,” Suze just hung up the phone… … … (wtf? TRIPPY AGAIN!)


Anyway, what exactly is the Miracle Frooties? The Miracle frooties comes in 10 tablets sealed in blistered pack. It is made from the Miracle Fruit, a bush originally from Western Africa. Without getting too technical, the miracle fruit has this trippy molecule called miraculin that binds to the tongue’s taste buds and makes everything sour taste sweet!

I’ve been told the tablet is more concentrated than the real fruit itself so I can split them in half and it will still works for 30 mins to 1 hour. We all took half of the pill and popped into the mouth, and let it dissolve slowly. The frootie is actually tasteless and chalky, but gradually some of us felt a tingling sensation on the lips. It took a well 3 – 5 minutes to dissolve half of the pill completely in the mouth, refrain from having the urge to take a bite on it to fasten the process.


We had a table full of trippy food that everyone brought along to test the miracle frootie on. There were a lot of “ohh” and “ahh” around the table, and the occasional “eugh!” and “yuck!”. Some tasted amazingly good, but some are plain nasty and aweful. Here’s a few things that I’ve tried:

  • Lemon – tastes like a sweet lemonade, you can suck as many as you want.
  • passionfruit pulp – it doesn’t do anything for me, just sweeter; but the girls all think it tasted like chocolate. It is trippy to know different people has different palates and taste things differently.
  • Bitter Melon – plain awful, it is not as bitter, but taste of green is very strong like eating grass
  • Rice Wine – like how Shez put it, it tasted like a cheap vodka.
  • Guinness – a very strong coffee
  • Strawberry – extremely sweet
  • Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lime Pomegrenate – all sweeter in taste, but some finds the lime taste like soap.
  • Yakult – for me, it tasted like a sweet creamy milkshake
  • WARHEADS Extreme Sour – it gets a slight sour kick at the beginning, but then it mellows down to a nice tingling sherbet. Once the sourness sweetness wears off, the candy itself just plain boring, we usually just spit it out and try something else.
  • Citric Acid – If the miracle frootie is E, then the Citric Acid will be C, because it is obviously affecting the Hungry Digital Elf‘s sensible behaviour which he paid for his experience from snorting lines of it! I had some, it tasted just like fizzy sherbet powder.


Much fun to be had and soon everyone is winding down from trippy acid to sugar high dessert time!

Again, almost everyone brought along a plate to share and there are simply way too many good looking desserts that can feed a whole village in the third world countries. Everyone suddenly busy working their magic – Simon, The Super Fro (Heart of Food), whipping his cream on top of his rich and velvety smooth chocolate mousse; while Helen turned into a purple haired fairy godmother, “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo”, sprinkling the magic powder (aka Wizz Fizz sherbet) onto the Coca-Cola cupcakes and bring them to life!


The Mail-ordered bride ChocolateSuze also made a deliciously creamy peach tart slices, which at first I thought is sweet potato. Then there is also Ms C&C Music Factory‘s popular Lime and Chocolate Tart which is everyone’s favorite. Just to top it up, the hungry digita elf brought along not one, but three light and fluffy Pavlovas he bought at Sideways Deli Cafe. I am usually not a Pavlovas fan as I find it too sweet, and the hard crust of meringue just nuisance. But the Pavlovas from Sideways Cafe are actually very good, very light and soft like eating white fluffy clouds, with fresh fruit embedded inside.

There were just way too much desserts, and my cutesy Domo Kun chocolate cake was soon being neglected as no one is ready to clog their arteries with another slice of solid chocolate cake. And no one wanted to take the honor of cutting the cake, eventually I gave it an equal portion surgery and make sure everyone take a slice home, save for the rainy days.


The Hungry Digital Elf was still hungry, so I fed him with more whipped cream. But he insisted that we should share and returned the favor. (That B****!) I think he was still trippy on the way home with Helen on the passenger seat, imagining her as a big chunk of Parmesan cheese…

Thanks to Elliot at Miracle Frooties for this trippy little frooties. Thanks the Russian mail order bride for being such a great host, and thanks to all the foodblogger pals and their yummy food! And last but not least, thanks to Suze’s mum, Mrs Thye. You ready?!


Quiz : Have a guess how many "trippy" word I've used in this post.