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It’s Fridaylicious time again! Today I am bringing you things that get me excited! Well almost as excited as chowing down a McGangBang at 12am midnight in a carpark. Okay maybe it wasn’t that exciting, just simply filthy as some would say. By the way, I have a question – Some would say “As a foodie, I would try at least everything once in my life.” I know most would more incline to try exotic food like bugs, whale, bison, grubs; but somehow they would NEVER try Macdonald’s? Why’s that? Doesn’t that kind of defeating the meaning of trying everything at least once in their dictionary? Life is so confused sometimes.

Let’s bring out the goodie bags this Friday!


Bon Doux Chocolate

Most countries would know Kinokuniya as a bookstore, but how little do we know that Kinokuya (also known as Super Kinokuniya) is actually one of the Japan’s finest and most internationally focused food store? They have just launched a series of home-made chocolate brand, Bon Doux –  a collaboration between Kinokuniya and Mr. Goto SHOKORATI, a chocolatier with over 20 years of experience in Belgium and France. After a mind-blogging trial period, a prototype of 50 variations was born. They bring you some finest chocolate as they believe postprandial bring happiness to the four C – Coffee, Cigar, Cognac, Chocolat.


A pinch of Rubik’s flavour

I am totally addicted to Lawrence Leung’s choose your own adventure TV program on ABC with him travelling around with his Rubik’s Cube. I am sure everyone has their own love hate relationship with rubik’s cube, it is so addictive yet so frustrating when you can’t solve it and start pulling all the pieces out and put the same colour back together. (That’s called cheating!) When some genius mixed the rubik’s cube and a kitchen utensil together, you get a Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills! At least this cubes are a no brainer, a simple twist will give you a pinch of granulated condiment of choice. At AUD$25.oo (£11.00), it is yours! I am so going to get them!


Masterchef Australia

It is finally here! The first show will be aired on Monday, 7.30pm on Ch 10. Even though I have Foxtel at home, but I never subscribe to the Food Channel. (shame on me). Last week they unlocked the Food Channel for free viewing and I had a glimpse of the Masterchef UK and it definitely build up my anticipation to the Australian version. The UK version looks absolutely professional and the contestants are not as “amateur” as they described but with many years of cooking experience in the kitchen. However, the skeptical me think the level of quality of the Australia version will not be as professional as the UK one. Please prove me wrong.

I am glad Matt Preston is one of the judges, he definitely has the fear factor. I think I would pee my pants while he tasting my plate and giving me that disgusted look.

I know what I am doing on Monday night, here’s a sneak preview: