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After galleries hopping and a tasty lunch at Bills, we hopped back into the car and drove into city for one last exhibition at State Library of NSW. The sky was looking gloomy and started to rain as we came out of the gallery, so there is no better excuse as we quickly dashed into the Lindt Chocolat Cafe just around the corner at Martin Place to take cover, and perhaps a nice little cup of hot chocolate while waiting for the rain to stop. But seems like not just us have the same idea to indulge ourselves on a rainy day, as there is already a big crowd inside the cafe when we arrived.


Easter falls on 12th April this year (mark it down in your diary), the Lindt golden bunnies are already dressed up with red ribbons and a tiny bell around their neck, ready to be taken home for a sweet sweet holiday. But we are not there for the bunnies, neither the yummy bonbons and pralines behind the glass cabinet, instead we found ourselves joining the queue, looking forward to chillax in the cafe with a nice cup of hot chocolate.


We didn’t have to wait long, and soon be seated right at the end of the cafe at Table no.1 ! Isn’t table No. 1 supposed to be the best seat in any cafes and restaurants, like the V.I.P table? I hope so! 🙂 Perhaps I am just wishful thinking that my slice of cake perhaps can be a little bit bigger, or more chocolate ganache on top!

We want a coffee, but we also want to indulge ourselves stupid with chocolate, so the Pom went for the Cold Ice Mocha, while I go for the opposite and have the Hot Mocha.


The hot mocha comes with a thick layer of chocolate sitting at the bottom of the glass and a good dose of milk chocolate shavings floating on top. I give it a quick stir, lick the spoon and have the first sip, the mocha is sweet and rich with cocoa, but soon it turns into a soury after taste lingering in my mouth. After having a nice cup of hot chocolate at Bills, this really disappoint me especially when chocolate is the specialty in this cafe.

I have a sip of the Pom’s Ice Mocha, and it is very sweet, in fact it is too sweet that my cake becomes tasteless afterwards.


Then a father and daughter come and sit at the table next to us, while she is busy playing with her jewels and beads at the table, suddenly one of the beads fell off the table and went missing. Her dad convinced her that the bead is gone, even with the help from the waitress searching for it with no luck. (Wait for it, there is a happy ending I promise)

By this time, our dessert has arrived, just in time to take our minds off the missing bead. The Pom goes for the Celebration du Chocolat – a celebration of dark chocolate! Milk chocolate! Chocolate ganache! and more chocolate! The chocolate comprises layers of dark chocolate, separated with milk chocolate mousse, then encased by a coat of rich chocolate ganache.

According to the Pom, the cake is so rich and intense with heavy layers of chocolate, it becomes heart clogging solid and stodgy. I have a taste of the cake, it is sweet and tasty but unfortunately I just don’t find anything unique about it.


As for myself, I go for the St Moritz, a chocolate party with tiers of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, seperated with almond cake, and heavy dusted with cocoa powder. The cake is actually quite nice and fluffy, and the chocolate is creamy and velvety smooth.

The pom had a taste of it then said, “Oh yeah, taste just like a Tiramisu.” That comment totally changes my perceptions towards the cake and found myself agree to what he just said. It is tasty and delicious nonetheless, I guess it is just lack of layers of flavour and originality.


Soon later, the waitress comes back to the little girl and gives her a little Lindor milk chocolate bonbon to cheer her up for the missing bead. The little girl is shy and refused to accept the little gift. The father on the other hand keeps persuading her to say Thank You and accept it and be a nice girl. In the end the father accepted it on her behalf and put inside a cupcake box.

“Why didn’t you take it and say thank you?” Father asked the little girl after the waitress has gone.

“I had it before and I didn’t like it.” The little girl said.

The moral of this story – Don’t offer chocolate to little girl with missing beads, but to the nosey foodblogger next table who recorded down the whole event.

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tel (02) 8257 1600

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