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I Melbourne!

The last few trips to Melbourne I didn’t really get much chance to explore the city properly and I almost forgot how wonderful Melbourne is! I’ve had a great time in Melbourne over the weekend, so much great food, great company, and the whole city has such great vibe. It is hard not to fall in love with such a beautiful city, even the people seems friendlier.

My initial plan for the trip to Melbourne was to go to a Canto pop concert with my ex-schoolmates, but of course I can’t just go without checking out all the good food they have to offer in Melbourne. And the lucky me, I had a great dining experience in Melbourne during this trip, all thanks to friends who have”VIP access”. 😛


My friends are more excited than I am when I told them I will be looking for food for my foodblog, and they really know how to put on a good show! A quick call after arrival, I soon found myself sitting in the Crystal Club, 29th floor above Crown Towers, mingling with the “Very Important Person”.


The Crystal Club is only accessible to the guests who stay at Crown Towers in the exclusive Crystal Club rooms from $500 per night I’ve been told. And yep, that’s where you want to be if you want to rub shoulders against the rich and famous. My friend’s in-law proudly showed me a pic of himself with tennis player, Federer taken in the lounge the night earlier. *envy*

Mr V.I.P. thought it would be nice for us to hang out at the club before dinner, and asked us feel free to grab a drink and the nibbles as they are all complimentary for the guests. “WHAT?! FREE?!?!” This is too good to be true.


Not before long, Mr V.I.P. comes back with two plates of canapes and asked us to help ourselves with more food. We happily accepted the offer and I also ordered a refreshing kiwifruit cocktail to cool myself down from the Melbourne summer heat.

“Billy, come with me! Come and check out the food, grab something to eat, take photos!” Mr V.I.P grabbed my hand and insisted to take me to the buffet table to check out all the food and so excited for me to take more food photos for my blog. It is very kind of him for being so helpful but I only managed to pick a few good looking nibbles for the blog and also don’t want to ruin my appetite for dinner afterwards.


We didn’t stay long at the Crystal Club for long and headed downstair for dinner and concert afterwards. (It is an amazing dinner, stay tuned for my next post! 😛 ) By the time we came out from the concert, it is almost 11pm. We decided to chill out at Crystal Club one last time before we called it a night.

The club is now deserted and quiet, with only one couple enjoying the night view of Melbourne skyline. With the massive glowing Swarovski crystal chandelier hanging down from the ceiling, the ambient now is much more chilled and relaxing. We just sat down and chat, over more complimentary drinks.

“Come Billy, come and let me show you around,” Mr V.I.P. insisted again. He led me to the mens room and thought I should check out the impressive toilet with the best view of the Melbourne skyline. Followed with a quick tour of all the V.I.P areas including a secret passage, which is best that I keep all the secrets to myself. 😛