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I think I am still on the whole peanut butter addiction since the Fool’s Gold Loaf that I had at Parkes. And people find it strange that I sprinkle castor sugar on top after spreading peanut butter on toast. But that’s what I grew up on and I can actually explain the reason why I do that in a minute. I actually not a fan of bread, I think it simply because the amount of dull bread I’ve had every morning before school that my mum prepared for me had really put me off. She believes too much jam, or butter or peanut butter on the bread is not good for you (which is true), so the spread on the toast usually is paper thin and scarcely which is rather unexciting.

I am always amazed to see my friend can just grab a slice of bread and started chewing it down… *ugh*, it is so dry and doughy, how could you do that?!?! I definitely need some flavour to it. I like peanut butter, but don’t you always find the peanut butter on bread becomes so sticky after first bite and a little lump of bread will stuck to the roof in your mouth and you will have to scrape it off with your tongue, but then it will stuck again after few more chews?! Sprinkle a little bit of caster sugar will solve this problem. The caster sugar will give the peanut butter a little bit of texture and reduce the stickiness, and also the sweetness will also balance out with the salty taste of the peanut butter. So try it.

This is how I eat my peanut butter on toast, with caster sugar since I was a kid. So why stop now?

Try it.

World news:  major peanut butter recall in USA link to Salmonella poisoning.