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Yes! I did! I went to Oxfam unwrapped website and bought a little superfly piglet for someone less fortunate in Solomon Islands this Christmas! I am guilty as charge as I know that I don’t get involved in charity causes as much as I would like to. Hence I always try to give as much as I could during the festive seasons to help the less fortunate ones.

When you think of Turkey, Leg Ham, Christmas Pudding this Christmas, at least now someone will have a little piglet in yellow boots with matching pink masquerade mask and a sassy leather belt to ease the hunger a little.


Give a little love and something useful to those who in needs, instead of another useless fairy floss maker, hotdog maker, pop corn maker, and the worse of all – foot spa which eventually turned into a portable dishwasher.

Alternatively, you can always participate the annual Menu For Hope 5, a fundraising program by foodbloggers around the world to raise money for the UN World Food Program. At a mere $10 donation, you are enter into the draw to win some lovely prizes too.

So give a little love this Christmas, because…

We could’ve been anything,
That we wanted to be,
And it’s not too late to change,
I’d be delighted to give it some thought,
May-be you’ll agree that we really ought.

You give a little love,
And it all comes back to you,
(Da da da ra da da da)
You know you gonna be remembered ,
For the things you say and do.
(Da da da ra da da da)