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More baking! Yes yes yes… I am going baking nuts this festive season. (I blame the Kitchenaid Christmas pressie I received this year!) The Kitchenaid really makes life a lot easier and the best way to test its performance is to whisk some egg white to soft peak. Hence, I have decided to make some chewy coconut spiced macaroons but with a touch of Martha’s 2008 signature – the thumbprint.


It is all about Martha’s thumbprint this Christmas. Everyone is doing it, so should you! Hence my macaroons will also have a thumbprint holes that filled with mixed berries jam. I got the recipe out of the Kitchenaid user guide DVD actually and it is simple enough that everyone can do it. The macaroons is chewy with a hint of cinnamon and cardamom, absolutely irresistible. I baked the macaroons supposedly to share with others at a friend’s party on Boxing Day, but ha! I really doubt they will last that long. 🙂


I won’t bother to write recipe here, because it is widely available on internet. But don’t get confused between ‘coconut macaroons’ and ‘french macarons’, they are same same but different in a way.

My technique is to roll them into a golf size ball or smaller, put on the tray then press your index finger into centre, or use the back of a wooden spactula. Bake the macaroons for 10mins then take it out, press into the hole again and fill with jam. Then put back into oven and bake another 12 mins until golden brown. It should be crisp outside and chewy inside. Then dust it with some icing sugar for that Christmas final touch.