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Okay, I lied about my previous post as the final post for 2008, but I promise this will definitely be the last post this year cuz I feel it is important for me to acknowledge some people and their support since I launched this blog in July. Some “thank you” are long overdue but they are truly worth a mention:

♥ Foodbuzz – If you are in the foodie circle, then you should already know who they are or perhaps already a featured foodbuzzer yourself. What do you mean you are not? Join now, silly sausage! Since I’ve joined Foodbuzz in August 2008, all I have received from them are nothing but good stuff. Here’s a few benefits I’ve enjoyed from foodbuzz so far:

1. I’ve met cool peopleChristie from Fig&Cherry who is now one of my Sugar Hit fiends, Peter G from Souvlaki for the Soul (Okay, I haven’t really met Peter in person, but visiting his blog becomes a religion for me, and we exchange emails quite often to share works and photography. So a table for two with Peter G is definitely on the menu in 2009!)

2. 24, 24, 24 = Fun! Fun! Fun! I got selected for the 24 posts, 24 bloggers, 24 hours monthly event and we had so much fun hitting the town, drowning ourselves in Sugar! And of course, the good people at Foodbuzz put their feet on the bill to make the event happened! Too good to be true.

3. Lots of goodies – Those nice people at Foodbuzz been sending me goodies now and again for the last few months. I have received some Foodbuzz moo card from them, and they even sent everyone a Christmas card this year! (No! Not an e-card, a real card with postage stamps that probably cost more to post to Australia than the card itself!)

4. Wait? You get paid to blog? –  Uh huh! That’s right! By joining Foodbuzz, and have the little ad on the side of your blog, sit back and let the moolah flowing in. If you are a blog nerd like me, then you would know most companies pay you by click per impression, but Foodbuzz is paying by page per impression. In another words, you get paid more just by having visitors to your website, click on the ad is unnecessary. Some moolah is better than nothing, it doesn’t make you rich, but it does feel good when you know your next meal is paid for. So join now and enjoy the ride!

♥ Jenz the Left Over Queen and her Royal Foodie Joust – Man, am I addicted to a good challenge or what?! The monthly cook-off over at the forum is getting tougher and tougher but I still finding myself lurking around every month to come up with another delicious dish trying to win the title. I eventually did it and crowned December 08 winner with my Lantana. And she even sent me a customised apron with my royal crest on it! *Woo hoo!* Thanks Jenz!

♥ Foodblogger friends

1. Helen @ Grab Your Fork is the most influential woman who can make you believe that everything taste great. I am still amaze at her gastronomical adventures around town and nothing can stop her! She is fun, cheeky and also intelligent (Her winnings on Facebook games says it all!). If you want a good night out with good food and great company who is not shy to laugh and stand on couch to sing their lungs out at Karaoke, Helen is your next best friend!

2. PabloPabla @ Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food – a man of mystery without disclosing his real name, had somehow lured me into his asian cooking which makes me rather homesick sometimes. When I first started this blog, Pablo offered his help and advice with no obligations which I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. He is also the one who introduced me to Foodbuzz, Tastespotting, and Foodgawker. I owe you a beer! See you at the mamak next time when I am in KL! 😛

3. Then there is also Christie from Fig&Cherry and Peter G from Souvlaki for the Soul as I mentioned earlier. I missed out on the foodbloggers Yum Cha thingy organised by Christie this year, but I am so so so looking forward to the next one so I can meet more of you guys!

♥ Mr P – My table for two companion. It is very important to have someone who you can share your culinary experience with. Someone who is not afraid to try new things, and always have an appetite for the “improvise” meal that I come up with whatever ingredients left in the kitchen. Not to mention, he is kind enough to get me a Kitchenaid and 1001 Foods you must eat before you die book this Christmas! Whoever got me great pressies are always my bestest friends, mm kay?! (HA!)

Last but not least, thank you all for keep coming back to my rather new and humble food blog. If you guys keep coming back, then I guess I am doing something right. I try not to turn the blog into a chore and take the fun out of it which is the least I want. But I will try my best to update as often as I could with more fun, cheeky posts and yummy-licious photos of food, food and more food.

Till then, hope you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year and looking forward to see you all in 2009!!!

~  Billy @ A Table for Two.